Space Data: Human Flight

Note: For more information about the Shuttle Program, See NASA's Shuttle web page .

Sputnik 1 OCT 4, 1957 21: 0: 0 GMT Tyuratam USSR 45 N 38.0 63 E 16.0
Source: Campion's citation; with Tyuratam coordinates

Explorer 1 JAN 31, 1958 22:48 EST 1st US satellite. Launched from Pad 26A. Discovered Van Allen belt of radiation.

Vanguard 1 MAR 17, 1958 7:15 EST 1st separable orbiting satellite (i.e., not attached to booster). Still functioning.

NASA JUL 29, 1958 12: 0: 0 EDT WASHINGTON, DC 38 N 54.0 77 W 2.0 Noon chart. Date NASA charter signed by Eisenhower. Time unknown.

NASA - 1st Day OCT 1, 1958 9: 0: 0 EDT WASHINGTON, DC 38 N 54.0 77 W 2.07F Source: Estimate 9:00 am. First day of business for NASA.

Vostok & Voskhod Programs: USSR

Vostok 1 APR 12, 1961 9:07 Moscow Time First manned space flight; Yuri Gagarin

Vostok 2 AUG 6, 1961 9:40 M.T. reached orbit Gherman Titov

Vostok 3 AUG 11, 1962 11:30 Dual flight with Vostok 4; Andrian Nikolayev

Vostok 4 AUG 12, 1962 11:02 Passed within 6.5 km of Vostok 3; Ravel Romanovich Popovich

Vostok 5 JUN 14, 1963 14:59 Dual flight with Vostok 6; Valeri Fyodorovich Bykovsky

Vostok 6 JUN 16, 1963 12:30 First woman in space; Valentina Tereshkova

Voskhod 1 OCT 12, 1964 First 3 man crew; (squeezed into a stripped Vostok craft with no spacesuits nor ejection seats.) V.M. Komarov, K.P. Feoktistov, B.B. Yegorov

Voskhod 2 MAR 18, 1965 First space walk; Aleksei Leonov (walker), P.I.Belyavev

Mir Space Station: USSR/Russia
Mir Station: last crew exit AUG 27, 1999 21:14 GMT Undocked from space station.
Soyuz capsule landed in Kazakstan Aug 28, 1999 00:35 GMT.
Mercury & X-15 Programs: USA

Freedom 7 MAY 5, 1961 9:34:00 EST 1st manned Mercury Mission. A.B. Shepard

Liberty Bell 7 JUL 21, 1961 7:20:00 EST V.I. Grissom

Friendship 7 FEB 20, 1962 9:47:00 EST 1st Mercury orbital flight. J.H. Glenn

Aurora 7 MAY 24, 1962 7:45:00 EST M.S. Carpenter

X-15 No. 3, Flight 7 JUL 17, 1962 The Air Force had designated 50 miles altitude as the limit to exceed to get astronaut's wings; and this flight, launched midair from a flight originating from Edwards A.F. Base, exceeded 59 miles. Pilot: R.M. White

Sigma 7 OCT 3, 1962 8:15:00 EST W.M. Schirra

X-15 No. 3, Flight 14 JAN 17, 1963 J.A. Walker

Faith 7 MAY 15, 1963 9:04:00 EST L.G. Cooper

X-15 No. 3, Flight 20 JUN 27, 1963 R.A. Rushworth

X-15 No. 3, Flight 21 JUL 19, 1963 J.A. Walker

X-15 No. 3, Flight 22 AUG 22, 1963 J.A. Walker

Gemini Program: USA

Gemini 3 MAR 23, 1965 9:24:00 EST V.I. Grissom & J.W. Young

Gemini 4 JUN 3, 1965 10:16:00 EST J.A. McDivitt & E.H. White

Gemini 5 AUG 21, 1965 8:59:59 EST L.G. Cooper & C. Conrad

Gemini 7 DEC 4, 1965 14:30:04 EST F. Borman & J.L. Lovell

Gemini 6 (GT-6A) DEC 15, 1965 8:37:26 EST W.M. Schirra & T.P. Stafford

Gemini 8 MAR 16, 1966 11:41:00 EST N.A. Armstrong & D.R. Scott

Gemini 9 JUN 3, 1966 8:39:33 EST T.P. Stafford & E.A. Cernan

Gemini 10 JUL 18, 1966 17:20:27 EST J.W. Young & M. Collins

Gemini 11 SEP 12, 1966 9:42:27 EST C. Conrad & R.F. Gordon

Gemini 12 NOV 11, 1966 15:46:33 EST J.A. Lovell & E.E. Aldrin

Apollo Program: USA

Apollo Fatalities JAN 27, 1967 18:30:25 EST Scheduled as Apollo 1. V.I. Grissom, J.W. Young & Chafee. Died in fire.

Apollo 7 OCT 11, 1968 11: 2:45 EDT 1st Apollo mission

Apollo 8 DEC 21, 1968 7:51: 0 EST Borman-Lovell-Anders

Apollo 9 MAR 3, 1969 11: 7: 0 EST McDivitt-Scott-Schweickart

Apollo 10 MAY 18, 1969 12:49: 0 EDT Stafford-Young-Cernan

Apollo 11 JUL 16, 1969 9:32: 0 EDT 1st Moon landing: Armstrong-Collins-Aldrin
Moon Landing JUL 20, 1969 20:17:40 GMT
1st Footstep on Moon JUL 20, 1969 22:56:20 EDT

Apollo 12 NOV 14, 1969 11:22: 0 EST 2nd Moon landing: Conrad - Gordon - Bean

Apollo 13 APR 11, 1970 14:13: 0 EST Explosion on-board: Lovell - Swigert - Haise

Apollo 14 JAN 31, 1971 16: 3: 0 EST Shepard - Roosa - Mitchell; returned to the Moon

Apollo 15 JUL 26, 1971 9:34: 0 EDT Scott - Irwin - Worden

Apollo 16 APR 16, 1972 12:54: 0 EST Young - Mattingly - Duke

Apollo 17 DEC 7, 1972 0:33: 0 EST Cernan - Evans - Schmitt: last Lunar mission

Space Shuttle Program: USA

STS-1 (Columbia) APR 12, 1981 7: 0:03 EST Pad 39A: John Young & Robert Crippen

STS-2 (Columbia) NOV 12, 1981 10:09:59 EST Pad 39A: Joseph Engle & Richard Truly Mission cut short because of fuel cell malfunction.

STS-3 (Columbia) MAR 22, 1982 11: 0: 0 EST Pad 39A: Jack Lousma & Charles Fullerton

STS-4 (Columbia) JUN 27, 1982 11: 0: 0 EDT Pad 39A: Ken Mattingly & Hank Hartsfield

STS-5 (Columbia) NOV 11, 1982 7:19: 0 EST Pad 39A: Vance Brand, Robert Overmyer, William Lenoir & Joseph Allen

STS-6 (Challenger) APR 4, 1983 13:30: 0 EST Pad 39A: Paul Weitz, Karol Bobko, Franklin Musgrave & Donald Peterson

STS-7 (Challenger) JUN 18, 1983 7:33: 0 EDT Pad 39A: Robert Crippen, Rick Hauck, John Fabian, Sally Ride & Norman Thagard

STS-8 (Challenger) AUG 30, 1983 2:32: 0 EDT Pad 39A: Richard Truly, Daniel Brandenstein, Dale Gardner, Guion Bluford & Wm Thornton

STS-9 (Columbia) NOV 28, 1983 11: 0: 0 EST Pad 39A: John Young, B.H. Shaw, O.K. Garriott, R.A.R. Parker, U. Merbold & B.K. Lichten

STS-41B (Challenger) FEB 3, 1984 8: 0: 0 EST Pad 39A: V.D. Brand, R.L. Gibson, B. McCandless, R.E. McNair & R.L. Stewart

STS-41C (Challenger) APR 6, 1984 8:58: 0 EST Pad 39A: R. Crippen, F. Scobee, T. Hart, J. van Hoften & G. Nelson

STS-41D (Discovery) AUG 30, 1984 8:41:50 EDT Pad 39A: H. Hartsfield, M. Coats, J. Resnik, S. Hawley, R. Mullane & C. Walker

STS-41G (Challenger) OCT 13, 1984 7:03: 0 EDT Pad 39A: R. Crippen, J. McBride, S. Ride, D. Leestma, K. Sullivan, M. Garneau & P.C. Power

STS-51A (Discovery) NOV 8, 1984 7:15: 0 EST Pad 39A: F. Hauck, D. Walker, J. Allen, A. Fisher, D. Gardner & C. Walker

STS-51C (Discovery) JAN 27, 1985 14:50: 0 EST Pad 39A: K. Mattingly, L. Shriver, E. Onizuka, J. Buchli & G. Payton

STS-51D (Discovery) APR 12, 1985 8:59:05 EST Pad 39A: K.J. Bobko, D.E. Williams, S.D. Griggs, J.A. Hoffman, M.R. Seddon, E. Garn & C.D. Walker

STS-51B (Challenger) APR 29, 1985 12:02:18 EDT Pad 39A: R.F. Overmyer, F.D. Gregory, N.E. Thagard, W.E. Thorton, D.L. Lind, L. van den Berg & T.G. Wang

STS-51G (Discovery) JUN 17, 1985 7:33: 0 EDT Pad 39A: D.C. Brandstein, J.O. Creighton, J.M. Fabian, S.W. Lucid, S.R. Nagel, P. Baudry & A.A. Al-Saud

STS-51F (Challenger) JUL 29, 1985 17: 0: 0 EDT Pad 39A: C.G. Fullerton, R.D. Bridges, A.W. England, K.G. Henize, F.S. Musgrave, L.W. Acton & J.-D. Bartoe

STS-51I (Discovery) AUG 27, 1985 6:58:01 EDT Pad 39A: J.H. Engle, R.O. Covey, W.F. Fisher, J.M. Lounge & J.D.A. van Hoften

STS-51J (Atlantis) OCT 3, 1985 11:15:30 EDT Pad 39A: K.J. Bobko, R.J. Grabe, D.C. Hilmers, R.L. Stewart & W. Pailes

STS-61A (Challenger) OCT 30, 1985 12: 0: 0 EST Pad 39A: H.W. Hartsfield, S.R. Nagel, G.S. Bluford, J.F. Buchli, B.J. Dunbar, R. Furrer, E.W. Messerschmid & W. Ockels

STS-61B (Atlantis) NOV 27, 1985 19:29: 0 EST Pad 39A: B.H. Shaw, B.D. O'Connor, M.L. Cleave, S.C. Spring, J.L. Ross, R.N. Vela & C.D. Walker

STS-61C (Columbia) JAN 12, 1986 6:55: 0 EST Pad 39A: R.L. Gibson, C.F. Bolden, S.A. Hawley, G.D. Nelson, F.R. Chang-Diaz, R.J. Cenker & C.W. Nelson

STS-51L (Challenger) JAN 28, 1986 11:38: 0 EST Pad 39B: F.R. Scobee, M.J. Smith, J.A. Resnik, R.E. McNair, E.S. Onizuka, G.B. Jarvis & S.C. McAuliffe
Explosion JAN 28, 1986 11:39:13 EST 18 miles from Pad. Cause: O-Ring failure in Solid Rocket Booster

STS-26 (Discovery) SEP 29, 1988 11:37: 0 EDT Pad 39B: F.H. Hauck, R.O. Covey, J.M. Lounge, G.D. Nelson & D.C. Hilmers

STS-27 (Atlantis) DEC 2, 1988 9:30:34 EST Pad 39B: R.L. Gibson, G.S. Gardner, R.M. Mullane, J.L. Ross & W.M. Shepherd

STS-29 (Discovery) MAR 13, 1989 9:57: 0 EST Pad 39B: M.L. Coats, J.E. Blaha, J.P. Bagian, J.F. Buchli & R.C. Springer

STS-30 (Atlantis) MAY 4, 1989 14:48:59 EDT Pad 39B: D.M. Walker, R.J. Grabe, N.E. Thagard, M.L. Cleave & M.C. Lee Launched Magellan spacecraft to Venus

STS-28 (Columbia) AUG 8, 1989 8:37: 0 EDT Pad 39B: B.H. Shaw, R.N. Richards, J.C. Adamson, D.C. Leestma & M.N. Brown

STS-34 (Atlantis) OCT 18, 1989 12:53:40 EDT Pad 39B: D.E. Williams, M.J. McCulley, F.R. Chang-Diaz, S.W. Lucid & E.S. Baker Launched Galileo spacecraft to Jupiter

STS-33 (Discovery) NOV 22, 1989 19:23:30 EST Pad 39B: F.D. Gregory, J.E. Blaha, F.S. Musgrave, M.L. Carter & K.C. Thornton

STS-32 (Columbia) JAN 9, 1990 7:35: 0 EST Pad 39A: D.C. Brandenstein, J.D. Wetherbee, B.J. Dunbar, G.D. Low & M.S. Ivins

STS-36 (Atlantis) FEB 28, 1990 2:50:22 EST Pad 39A: J.O. Creighton, J.H. Casper, R.M. Mullane, D.C. Hilmers & P.J. Thuot

STS-31 (Discovery) APR 24, 1990 8:33:51 EDT Pad 39B: L.J. Shriver, C.F. Bolden, S.A. Hawley, B. McCandless & K.D. Sullivan

STS-41 (Discovery) OCT 6, 1990 7:47:15 EDT Pad 39B: R.N. Richards, R.D. Cabana, W.M. Shepherd, B.E. Melnick & T.D. Akers Launched Ulysses spacecraft to Sun

STS-38 (Atlantis) NOV 15, 1990 18:48:13 EST Pad 39A: R.O. Covey, F.L. Culbertson, R.C. Springer, C.J. Meade & C.D. Gemar

STS-35 (Columbia) DEC 2, 1990 1:49:01 EST Pad 39B: V.D. Brand, G.S. Gardner, J.A. Hoffman, J.M. Lounge, R.A. Parker, S.T. Durrance & R.A. Parise

STS-37 (Atlantis) APR 5, 1991 9:22:44 EST Pad 39B: S.R. Nagel, K.D. Cameron, J.L. Ross, J. Apt & L.M. Godwin

STS-39 (Discovery) APR 28, 1991 7:33:14 EDT Pad 39A: M.L. Coats, L.B. Hammond, G.S. Bluford, G.J. Harbaugh, R.J. Hieb, D.R. McMonagle & C.L. Veach

STS-40 (Columbia) JUN 5, 1991 9:24:51 EDT Pad 39B: B.D. O'Connor, S.M. Gutierrez, M.R. Seddon, J.P. Bagian, T.E. Jernigan, F.D. Gaffney & M.-H. Fulford

STS-43 (Atlantis) AUG 2, 1991 11:01:59 EDT Pad 39A: J.E. Blaha, M.A. Baker, S.W. Lucid, J.C. Adamson & G.D. Low

STS-48 (Discovery) SEP 12, 1991 19:11:04 EDT Pad 39A: J.O. Creighton, K.S. Reightler, J.F. Buchli, C.D. Gernar & M.N. Brown

STS-44 (Atlantis) NOV 24, 1991 18:44: 0 EST Pad 39A: F.D. Gregory, T.T. Henricks, F.S. Musgrave, M. Runco, J.S. Voss & T.J. Hennen

STS-42 (Discovery) JAN 22, 1992 9:52:3 EST Pad 39A: R.J. Grabe, S.S. Oswald, N.E. Thagard, D.C. Hilmers, W.F. Ready, R.L. Bondar & U.D. Merbold

STS-45 (Atlantis) MAR 24, 1992 8:13: 0 EST Pad 39A: C.F. Bolden, B. Duffy, K.D. Sullivan, D.C. Leestma, C.M. Foale, B.K. Lichtenberg & D.D. Frimout

STS-49 (Endeavour) MAY 7, 1992 19:40: 0 EDT Pad 39B: D.C. Brandenstein, K.P. Chilton, P.J. Thuot, K.C. Thornton, R.J. Hieb, T.D. Akers & B.E. Melnick Rescued INTELSAT VI

STS-50 (Columbia) JUN 25, 1992 12:12:23 EDT Pad 39A: R.N. Richards, K.D. Bowersox, B.J. Dunbar, E.S. Baker, C.J. Meade, L.J. DeLucas & E.H. Trinh Microgravity Laboratory-I

STS-46 (Atlantis) JUL 31, 1992 9:56:48 EDT Pad 39B: L.J. Shriver, A.M. Allen, J.A. Hoffman, F.R. Chang-Diaz, C. Nicollier, M.S. Ivins & F. Malerba Tethered satellite system

STS-47 (Endeavour) SEP 12, 1992 10:23: 0 EDT Pad 39B: R.L. Gibson, C.L. Brown, M.C. Lee, N.J. Davis, J. Apt, M.C. Jemison & M. Mohri Spacelab-J (Japanese)

STS-52 (Columbia) OCT 22, 1992 13:09:40 EDT Pad 39B: J.B. Wetherbee, M.A. Baker, C.L. Veach, W.M. Shepherd, T.E. Jernigan & S.G. MacLean Laser Geodynamic Satellite II

STS-53 (Discovery) DEC 2, 1992 8:24: 0 EST Pad 39A: D.M. Walker, R.D. Cabana, G.S. Bluford, J.S. Voss & M.R. Clifford Classified Department of Defense primary payload,

STS-54 (Endeavour) JAN 13, 1993 8:59:30 EST Pad 39B: J.H. Casper, D.R. McMonagle, M. Runco, G.J. Harbaugh & S.J. Helms Tracking and Data Relay Satellite

STS-56 (Discovery) APR 8, 1993 1:29: 0 EDT Pad 39B: K.D. Cameron, S.S. Oswald, C.M. Foale, K.D. Cockrell & E. Ochoa Atmospheric Laboratory for Applications and Science-2

STS-55 (Columbia) APR 26, 1993 10:50: 0 EDT Pad 39A: S.R. Nagel, T.T. Henricks, J.L. Ross, C.J. Precort, B.A. Harris, U. Walter & H. Schlegel Spacelab (German)

STS-57 (Endeavour) JUN 21, 1993 9:07: 0 EDT Pad 39B: R.J. Grabe, B. Duffy, G.D. Low, N.J. Sherlock, P.J. Wisoff & J.E. Voss SPACEHAB

STS-51 (Discovery) SEP 12, 1993 7:45: 0 EDT Pad 39B: F.L. Culbertson, W.F. Readdy, J.H. Newman, D.W. Bursch & C.E. Walz Advanced Communications Technology Satellite (ACTS)

STS-58 (Columbia) OCT 18, 1993 10:53: 0 EDT Pad 39B: J.E. Blaha, R.A. Searfoss, M.R. Seddon, W.S. McArthur, D.A. Wolf, S.W. Lucid & M. Fettman life sciences research

STS-61 (Endeavour) DEC 2, 1993 4:26: 0 EST Pad 39B: R.O. Covey, K.D. Bowersox, F.S. Musgrave, K.C. Thorton, C. Nicollier, J.A. Hoffman & T.D. Akers Hubble Space Telescope Servicing - 1

STS-60 (Discovery) FEB 3, 1994 7:10:05 EST Pad 39A: C.F. Bolden, K.S. Reightler, N.J. Davis, R.M. Sega, F.R. Chang-Diaz & S. Krikalev Wake Shield Facility

STS-62 (Columbia) MAR 4, 1994 8:53:01 EST Pad 39B: J.H. Casper, A.M. Allen, P.J. Thuot, C.D. Gemar & M.S. Ivins Extended Duration Orbiter (EDO) flights

STS-59 (Endeavour) APR 9, 1994 7:05: 0 EDT Pad 39A: S.M. Gutierrez, K.P. Chilton, L.M. Godwin, J. Apt, M.R. Clifford & T.D. Jones Space Radar Laboratory (SRL) payload

STS-65 (Columbia) JUL 8, 1994 0:43: 0 EDT Pad 39A: R.D. Cabana, J.D. Halsell, R.J. Hieb, C.E. Walz, L. Chiao, D.A. Thomas, C. Naito-Mukai & J.-J. Favier Spacelab - International Microgravity Laboratory

STS-64 (Discovery) SEP 9, 1994 18:22:35 EDT Pad 39B: R.N. Richards, L.B. Hammond, J.M. Linenger, S.J. Helms, C.J. Meade & M.C. Lee LIDAR In-Space Technology Experiment (LITE)

STS-68 (Endeavour) SEP 30, 1994 7:16: 0 EDT Pad 39A: M.A. Baker, T.W. Wilcutt, T.D. Jones, S.L. Smith, D.W. Bursch & P.J.K. Wisoff Space Radar Laboratory (SRL)

STS-66 (Atlantis) NOV 3, 1994 11:59:43 EDT Pad 39B: D.R. McMonagle, C.L. Brown, E. Ochoa, S.E. Parazynski, J.R. Tanner & J.-F. Clervoy Atmospheric Laboratory for Applications and Sciences - 3

STS-63 (Discovery) FEB 3, 1995 12:22:03 EST Pad 39B: J.D. Wetherbee, E.M. Collins, C.M. Foale, J.E. Voss, B.A. Harris & V.G. Titov Mir Rendevous

STS-67 (Endeavour) MAR 2, 1995 1:38:34 EST Pad 39A: S.S. Oswald, W.G. Gregory, T.A. Jernigan, J.M. Grunsfeld, W.B. Lawrence, R.A. Parise & S.T. Durrance Ultraviolet experiments

STS-71 (Atlantis) JUN 27, 1995 14:32:19 EDT Pad 39A: R.L. Gibson, C.J. Precourt, E.S. Baker, B.J. Dunbar, G.J. Harbaugh, A. Solovyev & N. Budarin (up), & N.E. Thagard, V. Dezhurov & G. Strekalov (down) 1st Mir Docking

STS-70 (Discovery) JUL 13, 1995 9:41:55 EDT Pad 39B: T.T. Henricks, K.R. Kregel, N.J. Currie, D.A. Thomas & M.E. Weber Tracking Data & Relay Satellite

STS-69 (Endeavour) SEP 7, 1995 11:09:00 EDT Pad 39A: D.M. Walker, K.D. Cockrell, J.S. Voss, J.H. Newman & M.L. Garnhardt Wake Shield Facility

STS-73 (Columbia) OCT 20, 1995 9:53:00 EDT Pad 39B: K.D. Bowersox, K.V. Rominger, K.C. Thornton, C.G. Coleman, M.E. Lopez-Alegria, F.W. Leslie & A. Sacco second US Microgravity Laboratory (USML-2)

STS-74 (Atlantis) NOV 12, 1995 7:30:43 EST Pad 39A: K.D. Cameron, J.D. Halsell, J.L. Ross, W.S. McArthur & C.A. Hadfield 2nd Mir Docking

STS-72 (Endeavour) JAN 11, 1996 4:41:00 EST Pad 39B: B. Duffy, B.W. Jett, L. Chiao, D.T. Barry, W.E. Scott & K. Wakata Capture and return Japanese microgravity research spacecraft

STS-75 (Columbia) FEB 22, 1996 15:18:00 EST Pad 39B: am Allen, S.J. Horowitz, F.R. Chang-Diaz, M. Cheli, J.A. Hoffman, C. Nicollier & U. Guidoni Tethered satellite experiments

STS-76 (Atlantis) MAR 22, 1996 3:13:04 EST Pad 39B: K.P. Chilton, R.A. Searfoss, S.W. Lucid (up), L.M. Godwin, M.R. Clifford & R.M. Sega 3rd Mir Docking

STS-77 (Endeavour) MAY 19, 1996 6:30:00 EDT Pad 39B: J.H. Casper, C.L. Brown, D.W. Bursch, M. Runco, M. Garneau & A.S.W. Thomas Commercial Spacehab research

STS-78 (Columbia) JUN 20, 1996 10:49:00 EDT Pad 39B: T.T. Henricks, K.R. Kregel, S.J. Helms, R.M. Linnehan, C.E. Brady, J.-J. Favier & R.B. Thirsk Life and Microgravity Spacelab (LMS) mission

STS-79 (Atlantis) SEP 16, 1996 4:54:49 EDT Pad 39A: W. F. Readdy, T.W. Wilcutt, T.D. Akers, J.E. Blaha (up), J. Apt, C.E. Walz & S.W. Lucid (down) 4th Mir Docking

STS-80 (Columbia) NOV 19, 1996 12:55:47 EST Pad 39B: K.D. Cockrell, R. Rominger, T.E. Jernigan, T.D. Jones & F.S. Musgrave Wake Shield Facility. Problems with door aborted space walks.

STS-81 (Atlantis) JAN 12, 1997 4:27:23 EST Pad 39B: M. Baker, B. Jett, J. Grunsfeld, M.S. Ivins, P.J. Wisoff & J.M. Linenger, J. Blaha 5th Mir Docking

STS-82 (Discovery) FEB 11, 1997 3:55:17 EST Pad 39A: K.D. Bowersox, S. Horowitz, M.C. Lee, S.A. Hawley, G.J. Harbaugh, S.L. Smith & J.R. Tanner Hubble Space Telescope Servicing - 2

STS-83 (Columbia) APR 4, 1997 14:20:32 EST Pad 39A: J.D. Halsell, S.L. Still, J.E. Voss, D.A. Thomas, M.L. Gernhardt, R. Crouch, G. Linteris Microgravity Science Laboratory - 1 Mission cut short because of fuel cell malfunction.

STS-84 (Atlantis) MAY 15, 1997 04:07:48 EDT Pad 39A: C.J. Precourt, E.M. Collins, C.M. Foale (up), C.I. Noriega, E.T. Lu, J.-F. Clervoy & E. Kondakova, J.M. Lineger (down) 6th Mir Docking & Spacehab module

STS-94 (Columbia) JUL 1, 1997 14:02:02 EDT Pad 39A: J.D. Halsell, S.L. Still, J.E. Voss, D.A. Thomas, M.L. Gernhardt, R. Crouch, G. Linteris Microgravity Science Laboratory - 1 This is the re-fly of Mission 83.

STS-85 (Discovery) AUG 7, 1997 10:41:00 EDT Pad 39A: Brown, Ashby, Davis, Curbeam, Robinson, Tryggvason CRISTA-SPAS - 2

STS-86 (Atlantis) SEP 25, 1997 22:34:19 EDT Pad 39A: J.D. Wetherbee, M.J. Bloomfield, V.G. Titov, S.E. Parazynski, J.-L.J.M. Chretien, W.B. Lawrence, D.A. Wolf (up), C.M. Foale (down) 7th Mir Docking & Spacehab module

STS-87 (Columbia) NOV 19, 1997 14:46:00 EST Pad 39B: K.R. Kregel, S.W. Lindsey, W.E. Scott, K. Chawla, T. Doi Solar Physics, Microgravity experiments. Failure on deployment of SPARTAN satellite on Nov 21, 1997 at 4:04 pm EST.

STS-89 (Endeavour) JAN 22, 1998 21:48:15 EST Pad 39A: Wilcutt, Edwards, Dunbar, Anderson, Reilly, Sharipov, Thomas (up), Wolf (down) 8th Mir Docking mission.

STS-90 (Columbia) APR 17, 1998 14:19 EDT Pad 39-B: R.A. Searfoss, S.D. Altman, R.M. Linnehan, D. Rhys Williams, K.P. Hire, J.C. Buckey, J.A. Pawelczyk Neurolab medical experiments.

STS-91 (Discovery) MAY 28, 1998 18:06:24 EDT Pad 39-A: C.J. Precourt, D.L. Pudwill Gorie, W.B. Lawrence, F.R. Chang-Diaz , J.L. Kavandi, V. V. Ryumin, A.S.W. Thomas (up) 9th Mir Docking mission.

STS-95 (Discovery) OCT 29, 1998 14:20:19 EST Pad 39-B: C.L. Brown, S.W. Lindsey, S.E. Parazynski, S.K. Robinson, P. Duque, C. Mukai, J.H. Glenn Spartan 201 Free Flyer, Spacehab, Medical experiments

STS-88 (Endeavour) DEC 4, 1998 3:35 EST Pad 39-A: R.D.Cabana, F.W.Sturckow, N.J.Currie, J.L.Ross, J.H.Newman, S.K.Krikalev 1st Flight of components for International Space Station.

STS-96 (Discovery) MAY 27, 1999 6:49 EDT Pad 39-B: K.V. Rominger, R.D. Husband, E. Ochoa, T.E. Jernigan, D.T. Barry, J. Payette, Y. Malenchenko Logistics and resupply to International Space Station.

STS-93 (Columbia) JUL 23, 1999 12:31 am EDT Pad 39-B: E.M.Collins, J.S.Ashby, S.A.Hawley, C.G. Coleman, M. Tognini Advanced X-ray Astrophysics Facility (Chandra). 1st Female Commander.

STS-103 (Discovery) DEC 19, 1999 19:50:00 EST Pad 39-B: Brown, Kelly, Smith, Foale, Grunsfeld, Nicollier, Clervoy. 3rd Hubble Space Telescope Servicing Mission (HST-3)

STS-99 (Endeavour) FEB 11, 2000 12:43 pm EST Pad 39-A: K.R. Kregel, D.L. Pudwill Gorie, J.L. Kavandi, J.E. Voss, M. Mohri, G.P.J. Thiele. Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) to perform high-resolution digital topographic mapping of the Earth.

STS-101 (Atlantis) MAY 19, 2000 6:11 am EDT Pad 39-B: J.D. Halsell, S.J. Horowitz, M.E. Weber, J. N. Williams, J.S. Voss, S.J. Helms, Y.V. Usachev 3rd International Space Station Flight

STS-106 (Atlantis) SEP 8, 2000 8:45:47 am EDT Pad 39-A: Wilcutt, Altman, Lu, Malenchenko, Morukov, Mastracchio, Burbank Space Station Assembly Flight

STS-92 (Discovery) OCT 11, 2000 7:17 pm EDT Pad 39-A: B. Duffy, P.A. Melroy, K. Wakata, L. Chiao, P.J.K. Wisoff, M.E. Lopez-Alegria, W.S. McArthur Space Station Assembly Flight

STS-97 (Endeavour) NOV 30, 2000 10:06 pm EST Pad 39-B: B. Jett, M. Bloomfield, J. Tanner, C. Noriega, M. Garneau Space Station Assembly Flight

STS-98 (Atlantis) FEB 7, 2001 6:13 pm EST Pad 39-A: K. Cockrell, M. Polansky, R. Curbeam, T. Jones, M. Ivins Space Station Assembly Flight

STS-102 (Discovery) MAR 8, 2001 6:42:09:059 am EST Pad 39-B: J. Wetherbee, J. Kelly, A. Thomas, P. Richards J. Voss, S. Helms and Y. Usachev to go up to Alpha to replace W. Shepherd, Y. Gidzenko, and S. Krikalev. Space Station Assembly Flight

STS-100 (Endeavour) APR 19, 2001 2:40:42 pm EDT Pad 39-A: Rominger, Ashby, Hadfield, Parazynski, Phillips, Guidoni, Lonchakov 9th ISS Flight

STS-104 (Atlantis) JUL 12, 2001 5:03:59 am EDT Pad 39-B: Lindsey, Hobaugh, Kavandi, Gernhardt, Reilly 10th ISS Flight

STS-105 (Discovery) AUG 10, 2001 5:10:14 pm EDT Pad 39-A: Horowitz, Struckow, Barry, Forrester; (up) Culbertson, Dezhurov, Turin (down) Voss, Helms, Usachev 11th ISS Flight

STS-108 (Endeavour) DEC 05, 2001 5:19 pm EST Pad 39-B: Gorie, Kelly, Godwin, Tani; (up) Onufrienko, Bursch, Walz; (down) Culbertson, Dezhurov, Turin 12th ISS Flight

STS-109 (Columbia) MAR 1, 2002 6:22:02 am EST Pad 39-A: Altman, Carey, Grunsfeld, Currie, Newman, Linnehan, Massimino Hubble Space Telescope Servicing Mission 3B

STS-110 (Atlantis) APR 8, 2002 4:44:19 pm EDT Pad 39-B: Bloomfield, Frick, Ross, Smith, Ochoa, Morin, Walheim 13th ISS Flight

STS-111 (Endeavour) JUN 5, 2002 5:22:49 pm EDT Pad 39-A: Cockrell, Lockhart, Chang-Diaz, Perrin; Korzin, Whitson, Treschev (up); Onufrienko, Bursch, Walz (down) 14th ISS Flight

STS-112 (Atlantis) OCT 7, 2002 3:45:51.074 pm EDT Pad 39-A: Ashby, Melroy, Wolf, Sellers, Magnus, Yurchikhin 15th ISS flight

STS-113 (Endeavour) NOV 24, 2002 7:49:47 pm EST Pad 39B: Wetherbee, Lockhart, Lopez-Alegria, Herrington; (up) Bowersox, Budarin, Pettit; (down) Korzun, Whitson, Treschev 16th ISS flight

STS-107 (Columbia) JAN 16, 2003 10:39 am EST Pad 39-B: Husband, McCool, Anderson, Chawla, Brown, Clark, Ramon Research Mission, Freestar.
Shuttle disintegrated over Texas with communication lost Feb 1, 2003 9:00 am EST, approximately 16 minutes before scheduled landing. 1st sign of difficulty 8:52 am EST over Eastern California/Western Nevada.

STS-114 (Discovery) JUL 26, 2005 10:39 am EDT Pad 39-B: E. Collins, J. Kelly, W. Lawrence, S. Robinson, A. Thomas, C. Camarda and S. Noguchi. Return to Space Mission and International Space Station resupply.

STS-121 (Discovery) JUL 4, 2006 2:37:55 pm EDT Pad 39-B: S. Lindsey, M. Kelly, M. Fossum, L. Nowak, S. Wilson, P. Sellers, T. Reiter (up). Return to Space Mission and International Space Station resupply.

STS-115 (Atlantis) SEP 9, 2006 11:15 am EDT Pad 39-B: B. Jett, C. Ferguson, J. Tanner, D. Burbank, S. MacLean, H. Stefanyshyn-Piper. International Space Station construction and resupply.

STS-116 (Discovery) DEC 9, 2006 8:47 pm EST Pad 39-B: M. Polansky, W. Oefelein, R. Curbeam, J. Higginbotham, N. Patrick, C. Fuglesang.
Twentieth space station flight (12A.1), P5 Truss, SPACEHAB

STS-117 (Atlantis) JUN 8, 2007 7:38 pm EDT Pad 39-B: F. Sturckow, L. Archambault, J. Reilly II, P. Forrester, S. Swanson, J. Olivas.
21st space station flight(13A), S3/S4 Truss. Did repair work on Shuttle during one of the construction spacewalks.

STS-118 (Endeavor) AUG 8, 2007 6:36 pm EDT Pad 39-A: S. Kelly, C. Hobaugh, R. Mastracchio, D. Williams, B. Morgan, T. Caldwell, B. Drew. 22nd space station flight: third starboard truss segment.

STS-120 (Discovery) OCT 23, 2007 11:38 am EDT Pad 39-A: P.A. Melroy, G.D. Zamka, S.E. Parazynski, D.H. Wheelock, S.D. Wilson, P.A. Nespoli, D.M. Tani, C.C. Anderson.
23nd space station flight: Italian-built multi-port module. Tani replaces Anderson aboard Space Station.

STS-122 (Atlantis) FEB 7, 2008 2:45 pm EST Pad 39-A: S.N. Frick, A.G. Poindexter, R.J. Walheim, S.G. Love, L.D. Melvin, H.Schlegel, D.M. Tani, L. Eyharts.
24th space station flight: ESA's Columbus Laboratory. Eyharts replaces Tani aboard Space Station.

STS-123 (Endeavor) MAR 11, 2008 2:28 am EDT Pad 39-A: D.L. Gorie, G.H. Johnson, R.M. Linnehan, R.L. Behnken, M.J. Foreman, T. Doi, L. Eyharts (down), G.E. Reisman (up)

25th space station flight: Japanese Kibo Logistics Module and Canadian Dextre robotics system

STS-124 (Discovery) MAY 31, 2008 5: 32 pm EDT Pad 39-A: M.E. Kelly, K.T. Ham, K.L. Nyberg, R,J. Garan Jr., M. E. Fossum, A. Hoshide, G.E. Chamitoff(up), G.E. Reisman(down).
26th space station flight: Kibo Japanese Experiment Module - Pressurized Module (JEM-PM) and the Japanese Remote Manipulator System (JEM-RMS). Chamitoff replaces Reisman aboard Space Station.

STS-126 (Endeavor)  NOV 14, 2008 7:55 pm EST Pad 39-A: C.J. Ferguson, E.A. Boe, S.G. Bowen, R.S. Kimbrough, H.M. Stefanyshyn-Piper, D.R. Pettit, S.H. Magnus (up), G.E. Chamitoff(down).
27th station flight (ULF2), Multi-Purpose Logistics Module (MPLM)

STS-119 (Discovery) MAR 15, 2009 7:43 pm EDT Pad 39-A: L. Archambault, T. Antonelli, J. Acaba, J. Phillips, S. Swanson, R. Arnold. K. Wakata (up), S.H. Magnus (down)
28th shuttle mission to the International Space Station. Discovery also will carry the S6 truss segment to the orbital outpost

STS-125 (Atlantis) MAY 11, 2009 2:01 pm EDT Pad 39-A: S.D. Altman, G.C. Johnson, J.M. Grunsfeld, A.J. Feustel, M.T. Good, K.M. McArthur.
Final Hubble servicing mission.

STS-127 (Endeavor) JULY 15, 2009 6:03 pm EDT Pad 39A: M.L. Polansky, G.G. Hurley, D.A. Wolf, C.J.Cassidy, T.H. Marshburn, , J. Payette, T.L. Kopra (up), K Wakata (down).
29th shuttle mission to the International Space Station. Japanese Kibo Laboratory complex.

STS-128 (Discovery) AUG 29, 2009 11:59 pm EDT Pad 39A:  R. Sturckow, K. Ford, P. Forrester, J. Hernandez, D. Olivas,  C. Fuglesang, N. Stott (up), T.L. Kopra (down)
30th shuttle mission to the International Space Station. Leonardo Multi-Purpose Logistics Module. Transition from construction to scientific research.


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