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Electional Astrology

John Partridge (1679): On Elections - First Section

Text Copyright 2007 J. Lee Lehman

This material is excerpted from pages 235-248 of Partridge's work:

Partridge, John. 1679. Mikropanastron, or an Astrological Vade Mecum, briefly Teaching the whole Art of Astrology - viz., Questions, Nativities, with all its parts, and the whole Doctrine of Elections never so comprised nor compiled before, &c. William Bromwich: London.

Chap. I.

Of Elections, and first what an Election is.

Elections, as they are understood by the Ancient Astrologers, were a certain Observation of days and hours, which by reason of every Man's Nativity (if it may or can be known) and by reason of the motion of the Heavens, &c. Times are either lucky or unlucky, according as they agree or disagree, with the Nativity of the Person who desires and Election to be; and they are called Elections from ... Electio, a chusing or picking out, &c. and of Elections there are two kinds.

First, Universal.
Secondly, Particular.

I call those Universal Elections in the handling of which, a particular Nativity is not concerned, nor required; as in the Foundation of Buildings, the Launching of Ships, the Felling of Timber, or Tilling of Land.- And I call those Particular, which have Relation to any one Man's Nativity, whom an Election may concern; as followeth,-

  • Letting of Blood,
  • Taking of Physick,
  • The undertaking of any Chyrurgical Care,
  • Going into Baths,
  • Cutting off Hair, &c.
  • Marriages,
  • Entring upon any Office or Dignity,
  • Beginning of Journeys or Embassies,
  • Beginning of Sea Voyages,
  • Sealing of Deeds.

For these kind of actions and undertakings, may Elections be made, seeing that they are Natural, and managed and performed by the course of Nature, and second causes; and therefore may be either furthered or hindered by the Position of Consideration of the Stars,- Origanus.

And the time to be observed in Elections, is twofold; first, in some it is sufficient to chuse the day only, in which the Moon is joyned to a Planet, who hath Rule of such business, for which the Election is made, or in which the Ruler of the Business being placed in his Dignities, doth come to a fortunate Aspect of the Benevolent Stars.

But in other Elections, it is not sufficient to know the day only; but also the hour is to be observed, and the Coelestial Figure must be so set, that the proper Significators may be fortunately placed in Angles.-
And first,

Chap. II.

Of Universal Elections

First, in all Elections, let the Angles be well fortified, and the Significators well placed in their Dignities, and let the Moon be as strong and fortunate as may be, and she and the Lord of the Horoscope in a good Aspect, and both beholding the Ascendant with amicable Rays; and to this purpose, Haly fol. 303. tells us, that the Moon may be unfortunate ten several ways; First, when she is Combust. Secondly, when she is in three Degrees of Scorpio, her fall. Thirdly, when she is in Opposition to the Sun. Fourthly, when she is corporally joyned to the Infortunes, or in square or opposition to them. Fifthly, when she is within 12 degrees of the head or Tail of the Dragon, she being then within the Limits of Eclipses. Sixthly, when she is in the last degrees of the Signs. Seventhly, when she is Cadent from Angles, or in the via Combusta; that is, the the last half of Libra, and the first half of Scorpio, and this, saith he, is the worst of all Impediments, especially in Marriages, and all matters of Women, in buying and selling, and in Journeys. Eighthly, when she is contrary to her House, or doth not behold her House when a good Aspect. Ninthly, when she is slow in motion, which Astrologers call the motion of Saturn; that is, when she moves, 12 degrees or less in 24 hours. And the tenth is that which is called Void of course.

Also let the Significator of the thing be strong and fortunate, but above all, the Ascendant is the chief; let that be fortunated with the presence or good Rays of the Lights or fortunate Stars, especially if it be a thing designed for duration; as Cities, Houses, Ships, &c. in which cases, let not Saturn or Mars behold the Sun, Moon, or Ascendant; but in Sowing and Tilling of Land; the Moon in good Aspect of Saturn, and he strong, is a Position befitting such an undertaking; because Saturn is the Patron of Husbandry, and other such like things and persons as shall be hereafter spoken of in their proper places; so that the things I design to bring under this Judgment of Universal Elections, are these following:

Of{ Sowing and Planting.
Felling or Cutting of Wood.
Hunting, Fishing, and Fowling.
Taking Possession of Inheritances.
Changing of Dwelling Places.
Building of Houses, &c.
Horse Races.

In the Consideration of these Particulars, take this Observation, that in Planting, Sowing, Grafting, Cutting and Felling of Wood; besides the Figure and face of Heaven, you must consider the Universal times, the nature of the Ground, the quality of the Seed, the disposition of the Graft &c. afterwards consider these things in this order following; which for distinction sake I will divide into Sections.

Sect. I. Of Sowing and Planting.

Times sitting for Planting and Sowing, are taken from the motion of the Moon; which if she be in Aries, Cancer, Virgo, Libra, or Capricorn (saith Leovitius) she is in places fit for Sowing, provided she is not unfortunated there; but if she is placed in Aries or Taurus, she is then fit for Planting only; also, if the Ground be moist which is to be Sowed, or the Seed be of a moist Nature, then it is fittest to Sow that Seed in the decrease of the Moon; but for dry ground, and dry hot Seed, it is best to Sow it in the increase of the Moon near the Full; and here it may be remembred, and hence observed, if you please, that Peas and Beans set of Sowed upon a new Moon, and she in good Aspect of Jupiter or Venus, from aery or watery Signs, they never leave blooming till they begin to wither.

But seeing that Saturn hath a natural Signification of Husbandry, Planting, Sowing, &c. it is very necessary to let the Moon be in a good aspect of Saturn, and he well placed in the Figure, and let Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Libra, Aquarius, or Capricorn, be in the Ascendant, and Mars weak and in no Aspect either to the Moon or Horoscope.

Sect. 2. Of Cutting or Felling of Wood

The common times for Felling of Timber is known to all, and therefore I shall omit that; but to fell Wood that it may wax dry and massy and be durable a long time, let the Moon be decreasing between the Full and the last Quarter, and let her be in a good Aspect with Saturn, and it possible, let him be strong and fortunate; for upon this depends its duration.

Sect. 3. Of Hunting.

For this Pastime let the Moon be in Aries, Leo or Sagittarius in good Aspect of Mars, let a Moveable Sign ascend, and place the Moon in the tenth House in good Aspect of Jupiter, or Venus, let Mars be in the seventh, and Saturn falling from an Angle no ways beholding the Ascendant;- but if you desire to hunt Savage Beasts as Wolfs, Bears, &c. let not Mars be in an Angle, and the Moon out of the sixth House, free from all Impediments of the Malignant Stars, neither let a Quadrupedian Sign be in the Ascendant; and Haly gives this reason for it; for then the Hunters shall be killed, or be in danger by the Beast they pursue.

Sect. 4. Of Fishing.

Fishing is the most convenient when the Moon is in Cancer or Pisces, in the tenth House, in sextile or trine to Venus in the seventh, the Moon applying and not separating; Let not the Moon be unfortunated by Saturn or Mars, neither let them be in the Angles of the Figure, especially the first and seventh.

Sect. 5. Of Fowling.

Fowling is most pleasant and successful, when the Moon is in some of the aery Signs, as Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, applying to Mercury, and he and the Moon in Reception, and both fortunately placed in the Figure, to which you may add Venus, if it be possible, this makes the Fowler successful in his Pastime; but if the Moon be unfortunate of Saturn or Mars, he shall Catch nothing that he desires.

Sect. 6. Of entring upon Possessions.

In the Performing of which, let the Moon be in her greatest Dignities, in good Aspect with Jupiter, and no ways impeded by the Malevolent Stars; let a Fixed Sign ascend, and both the Cusp of the House and his Lord be befriended by the good Rays of the Fortunes, let not Saturn or Mars be in the seventh, and let the Lord of the Ascendant be in good Aspect
with the Lord of the seventh, and if possible with Reception also; likewise let the Luminaries also cast their friendly Rays to the Cusps of the first and seventh Houses; neither let the Dragon's Tail afflict any of the aforesaid Houses or Significators.

Sect. 7. Of Removing from Place to Place.

The changing of Houses, Habituations, Lodgings, &c. is best done when the Moon is in a fixed Sign increasing in Light, and she in good Aspect with the fortunate Stars in the fourth House or Ascendant, the Lord of the second strong and above the Earth.- Lastly, the Foundations of Houses and Horse-Races are too large for Sections, and I shall therefore afford each of them a Chapter by themselves.- And first,

Chap. III.

Of Horse or Foot-Races, &c.

Astrologically, and Experimentally handled from a worthy Friend and an Excellent Artist.

This Subject is to be considered two manner of ways: First, By way of Election. Secondly, By Interrogation, or Question.

In Elections of this kind,

You are to observe this general Rule, i.e., to put a Sign of the Superiour Planets upon the Horoscope, and let the Lord thereof and the Moon be swift in Motion, and in good Aspect of each other from good Houses of Heaven. Secondly, you must carefully debilitate the Lord of the seventh, as much as may be. 3. Let the Lord of the Hour, and Lord of the eleventh be the same, or else of the same Triplicity. 4. Let the Dispositor of the Moon and the Planet to whom she applies be in their Dignities, or in good places of the Figure. 5. Let Stars of a Benevolent and Commanding Nature be upon the Angles of your Figure, according to Ptolemy, Aph. 28. 6. For Foot-Races, let a humane Sign Ascend, or the Moon be in one. 7. For Horse-Races, let a Quadrupedian, or Bestial Sign ascend, chiefly Sagittarius. 8. Let the Mid-heaven and Horoscope by fortunate, and the Lord of the eleventh House assisted also, and a Benevolent Planet Lord of the hour; for these are assured Arguments of Victory. 9. Let the Moon in Sagittarius or Libra, in good Aspect of Mars, Sol, Jupiter, or Venus; and the framer of the Election wins the Race. 10. The Moon increasing, and the Planet assisting being in his first or second Station, and in a Sign agreeable to his own Nature, is always good. 11. The Lord of the seventh strong, and better fortified than the Lord of the Ascendant, brings damage to the design. 12. The Moon slow in motion, and afflicted of Saturn or Mars, or in an ill part of Heaven, or in Azimen or pitted degrees of a Sign, especially in fixed Signs; is very prejudicial. 13. The Lord of the Ascendant or twelfth Retrograde, or otherwise afflicted of Saturn or Mars, the Rider and Horse both come to damage and hurt. 14. Let neither the Moon or Lord of the Horoscope be Combust, Retrograde, in Fall, Detriment, or in Cadent parts of the Figure; for all these are very ill accidents to the Election. 15. Let the Lord of the twelfth in Horse-Races be more powerful and strong than the Lord of the sixth, which signifies the Horse which is to run against him, according to the aforesaid Rules. 16. In Foot-Races look to the Lord of the eleventh House, and weaken the Lord of the fifth House; for that is the hopes of him you wager against. 17. In Foot-Races make Mercury your Friend, as much as may be, i.e., by making him Lord of the eleventh, or placing
him there, or else in the Horoscope or tenth House, in good Aspect of the Moon, or Lord of the Ascendant. 18. In Horse-Races make Jupiter your Friend, and place him as you were taught of Mercury before. 19. When the Planets cannot be found in such a posture as to serve you, according to any of the aforesaid Rules, make use of Fixed Stars of their Nature for your purpose, still fortifying the Moon. 20. To avoid Treachery, let not the Moon in your Election be in any ill Aspect of Saturn, Mars, or Mercury, or they in any ill Aspect one to another, or the South Node in the Ascendant or with the Moon; neither let Mars, Mercury, Sun, or Saturn, govern the hour in which the Race is begun.

And thus much for Elections of this kind.

Of Questions belonging to the same.

In Questions, you have this difference from Elections; for in your Elections you exercise the freedom of your will, and if you take good heed to your Rules, you appoint the Issue of the Race as you would have it;- But in Questions you have no such liberty, the business being appointed before, and you by them desire to be informed of the issue, whether good or evil, loss or gain, by the thing Interrogated.

For the clear understanding of which, you are first to observe whether the Figure be Radical, and fit to be judged or not; and it is then said to be Radical when the Lord of the Ascendant, and the Lord of the hour are the same, or of the same Triplicity, or if the Ascendant and his Lord do well personate the Querent, and that the Horoscope is between the fifth and twenty-fifth degree of any Sign, or when the is not afflicted; for when the is afflicted, the Artist doth naturally commit Errors according to the fourteenth Aphorism of Ptolemy, Quot quantifa, Astrologus implicatur erroribus, cum Septima domus && ejus Dominus Impediuntur; because the seventh House doth signifie the Artist. 2. Observe the Significator of the Horse (which is the Lord of the twelfth always) the Lord of the Ascendant and the Moon; for if they are free from Impediment, and in good places of the Figure swift in motion, Oriental, or in their Essential Dignities, these betoken the Querent shall win. 3. If the Lord of the seventh be in the Ascendant, or the Lord of the eighth in the second; the Querent will gain by the Race. 4. If the Moon be in the tenth, eleventh, or second in good Aspect of the Lord of the Ascendant, it is good, chiefly if she is near eminent Fixed Stars. 5. If the Lord of the Ascendant is Superiour to the Lord of the seventh, and the Lord of the twelfth Superiour to the Lord of the sixth, and neither Retrograde nor Cadent, the Querent wins. 6. If the Moon transfers the Light of the Lord of the seventh to the Lord of the eleventh or Ascendant, or to the Lord of the hour, with other Testimonies; this is very good. 7. The Lord of the twelfth, and the Moon in light and Masculine degrees, near Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, or Mars; the Querent's Horse, or the Horse he lays on, gets a famous Victory.
8. The Lord of the twelfth a Superiour Planet, above the earth, in square or opposition to the Lord of the sixth or seventh, promiseth Victory to the Querent, and threatens great damage to the Quesited, and the beast he ingageth on. 9. The Lord of the Ascendant and twelfth, and the Moon, and the Planet to whom she applies Angular, and the Lord of the sixth and seventh, and the Planet from whom the Moon is separated, is Cadent; shews the Querent shall win. 10. The Significators of the Querent, and the Horse he wagereth on, in commanding Signs, and the Significators of the Quesited in Signs obeying; are arguments of Victory. 11. Many Planets in the seventh House, shew a Confederacy in the Race, and Cautionary to the Querent. 12. The Lord of the Ascendant and Moon, and Lord of the twelfth and second, or their Houses afflicted of Saturn, Mars, or South Node, shews the Querent will certainly by cheated of his Money; especially if the Lord of the seventh be a Superiour, and the Moon give him virtue. 13. Observe the Planet afflicting, who if it be the Lord of the eleventh, a Friend betrays him; if Lord of the third, a Brother or Neighbor; if Lord of the sixth, a Servant, &c. 14. If the sixth and seventh Houses, and their Lord are afflicted; the Querent will certainly lose his Money. 15. An Infortune in the Horoscope with the Moon, and Saturn, Mars, or Sun, Lords of the hour, is very evil for the Querent; and therefor dehort him from going on with his Wager. 16. The Lords of the fifth, sixth, and seventh in good Aspects with the Benevolents and Reception also, and the Lords of the eleventh, twelfth and Ascendant no way befriended, the Querent will (according to natural causes) most certainly lose. 17. The Moon in square or opposition to Mars, Mercury, or Saturn, or in conjunction with Saturn or Mars; it shews much fraud is designed in the Race, and that they do Confederate against the Querent. 18. As you have been taught to judge of the Lord of the Ascendant and twelfth &c. for Horse-Races; so judge of Mercury, and the Lord of the eleventh for foot Races. 19. An afflicted Horoscope or Mid-heaven, commonly corrupts the Question, and renders it successless; but if they are befriended and assisted with Benevolent Rays; the Question hath a prosperous issue.

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