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John Partridge (1679): On Elections - Second Section

Text Copyright 2007 J. Lee Lehman

This material is excerpted from pages 248-264 of Partridge's work:

Partridge, John. 1679. Mikropanastron, or an Astrological Vade Mecum, briefly Teaching the whole Art of Astrology - viz., Questions, Nativities, with all its parts, and the whole Doctrine of Elections never so comprised nor compiled before, &c. William Bromwich: London.

Chap. IV.

Of Laying the Foundations of Cities, Houses, and other Building; and of Launching of Ships, &c.

In laying the Foundations of Cities, Houses, &c. you must observe that Sign under which the Kingdom or City is in, which you would Build, and whether the Sign be fortunate or unfortunate, by the presence of an evil Star; but Haly fol. 309. adviseth to observe who is Lord of that Climate or place, and put him in the tenth House strong in good Aspect and Reception with Jupiter, and one of the Houses of Jupiter in the Horoscope, the Moon increasing in light and motion, and she joyned (if possible) both to Jupiter and Venus, and separating from Saturn, except he was concerned in the Government of the place; yet Saturn strong and fortunate in his own House, may be allowed a place in the Ascendant or Mid-heaven, because of his durability, Haly, in loco citato; but above all, let Mars be Cadent, and far remote from the Luminaries and Ascendant and the Lord thereof, and from the Lord of the hour, and from the Lord of the terms ascending, likewise remove Mars from the part of Fortune, and let not the Moon be with either of her Nodes, especially the South Node; but let her be ascending in her Latitude, and that North; and if possible, let her be in her Exaltation, or in the Exaltation of Jupiter, and as before is mentioned of Saturn; if you put him in good Aspect or Reception with Jupiter, he then signifies the durability of the house or City, the peace, quietness and tranquility of its Inhabitants; yet let not the Moon be in conjunction, square or opposition of him or Mars, for that is very ill; but he who hath any skill in common Nativities, cannot be to seek in Elections of this kind; remembring to put Mars and Dragons Tail remote from the Luminaries, Ascendant and second House; for in these places they are very ill. But I will proceed to give you some Examples of these things, and so apply some of our Rules; And first, of Chelsey College, which is now ruined with Age for want of Repair; the Planets places are as followeth, taken from Origanus, without Reduction.

Chart of the first stone of Chelsey College was laid, May 8, 1609, 11 hr 45' am.

It is generally observed in Nativities, that the Moon in opposition of the Sun, and square of Saturn, shews that such a Nativity is not Vital; and indeed so it hath proved in the fate of this fabrick.

It may be observed, that this Figure nearly agreeth with the Nativity of that great Prince, whose hand gave a beginning to its being, and doubtless it was by him premeditated; for he had the same Figure almost at the laying of the Foundation of the New Exchange in the Strand, which was done a month before this, and the Moon in Scorpio also; but in that Figure, although the Moon was in opposition of Jupiter; yet they both cast their good Rays to the Horoscope, and Mars and Venus in the tenth, trine to Saturn, and Venus in Reception with Mercury, Lord of the tenth and first, which indeed was a great deal the more advantageous Figure for glory and duration, although there are some ill accidents in that Figure, as well as this;- But to speak of this Figure in particular, observe, Mercury Lord of the Ascendant is in Taurus almost Peregrine (he having nothing there, but the least of all Dignities) Cadent, and in square of Saturn in the sixth, and he and Jupiter the strongest Planets in the Figure, the one Lord of the sixth, and the other in the eighth House, and Mercury Lord of the Horoscope is going to Combustion in the tenth, and the Sun, who is fons vitae is afflicted by Jupiter Lord of the eighth House; and Jupiter who is part Lord of the fourth House, which signifies the end of a thing, is Combust, (or as some will have it, in Cazimi) and the Moon in the fourth is afflicted also by the square to Saturn; hence it may be concluded, that the Reasons of its Ruine was from its beginning, and that Buildings as well as Bodies, have their Apheta's, Alchoden's, and Anareta's.

I shall not stand to innumerate the Rules before-mentioned, and how they take place in the Ruine of this Fabrick; but leave them to the Reader, to ruminate upon, and to sharpen the edge of his fancy in the applying of them to the present purpose, and so proceed to the next Example, which is the Royal Exchange in London, whose Foundation-Stone was laid by our present Soveraign King Charles the Second (whom God preserve) it having been burnt by that dreadful Fire 1666, and now to be Rebuilt in 1667. Octob. 23, at Noon, the Figure followeth.

It is observed by Mr. Gadbury upon this stately Fabrick's Nativity; that it hath the Ascendant of Augustus Caesar, whose name is known to the whole world, who knows anything of history to be famous, and I judge this simile is suitable, for this Figure carries with it a face of as great and as probable glory as can be wished; so that whosoever did Elect this time for His Majestie; did, I judge, understand the Stars better than we are aware of, or else the Providence of God did so order it, that it was an honourable Hit of fate to us, to remember so good a Prince, who set his Royal hand first to the beginning of so memorable a work, which may, for ought I can see, dure
while the City is in being; for here is Saturn Lord of the Horoscope, in Capricorn his greatest Dignities, and placed it (according to the aforementioned Rule of Haly, fol. 309) in trine with the Moon, and she in Taurus, her Dignities, casting her good Rays to the Horoscope; next, here is the Sun and Mercury in the tenth House, and both within Orbs of the conjunction of Venus, and Mercury in Reception with Mars, Lord of the tenth House, and the part of Fortune in the seventh House in the Dignities of Jupiter and the Moon, and Mars and the Moon strong, casting their good Rays thither.

Thus you see, here are all the advantagious Positions mentioned by Haly; for here Saturn Lord of the Horoscope and Figure, also in trine of the Moon, and Venus Lady of the hour upon the Cusp of the tenth, casting her trine to the Horoscope also; and Mercury who is in conjunction with the Sun in the tenth House, is in Reception with Mars Lord of the tenth, and the tenth and fourth House are Fixed Signs, and the Horoscope by the presence of Saturn, is equal to a Fixed Sign also.-

Here is one thing to be observed in the Building of this stately pile; for Saturn Lord of the Hour is in square to Jupiter, and in opposition to the part of Fortune; so it shews some trouble, hinderance or impediment in its Building; and as Jupiter is a general Significator of Wealth and Money; so it should arise from something signified by Jupiter; and the rather because he is Lord of the second, which signifies the substance of the Place, or Money; the truth is, as I myself saw, (the Building being half finished) the Sheriff of the City came to seize all upon the Premises; but the owners having a timely warning shut up the Gates, and denied them entrance, and suddenly after made up the difference with the Plaintiff, and then the Building did again go on ; yet this was a hinderance and disparagement, and did a little impede their work; and this, as I remember, did happen, according to the distance of Saturn from the square of Jupiter.

The next Experiment that I shall present you with, is of the Defiance Frigat, Lanched at Deptford Mercury March 28. 3 h. 34 min. p.m. 1666. and was burnt December the 8th, 1668. she being not full three years old, and then lying in Harbour, took fire by accident: The Figure followeth.

Whosoever shall examine this Figure, will have no cause to admire that this Ship had no longer a Being in the world; for here is Mercury who is Lord of the Horoscope, is Combust in the eighth House, in Aries a violent Sign, and Mars who is in the Horoscope, is in square to the Moon in the ninth, and she according to her Longitude is near violent Fixed Stars; he is also in opposition to Jupiter in the seventh, he being Lord of the seventh and fourth Houses; Saturn also is in square to the Sun in the eighth House, and the Sun is afflicted by the presence of Venus, who hath Dignities in the eighth House also.

Hence should we examine this Figure by the Method and Rules of Nativities, there was no probability of its long duration, because the Lord of the eighth is a Malevolent, and in the Ascendant, and the Sun who is giver of Life, is in the eighth afflicted by Saturn, who is Lord of the sixth; and indeed all the Significators are afflicted either in the eighth, or by the Lord of the eighth; the effect of which agrees to that Rule before given, fol. 82. which you see, is the same in effect here, as in the Nativity of a Child, they both being doom'd to the fate of Oblivion, and that in their Infancy too; and thus you see what the Sun in the eighth in a fiery Sign, and Mercury Lord of the Ascendant Combust there also, and the Moon in square to Mars in the Horoscope, can do in a Ship's Nativity; but if we may examine what Directions were the cause of this Accident, it may have some power to prevail with those, who are willing to discern and separate truth from falshood; therefore if we should allow
but a mistake of 15 minutes in time, and make the Horoscope 18 degrees, odd minutes, the Ascendant at this time came by Direction to the body of Mars, C.L. and the Sun to the square of Saturn, in the eighth in Aries, a Sign which Saturn hates,- Thus,

A.Ob. Mars C.L. 166 19 Def.Ob.sq. Saturn 206 28
A.Obl.Ascend. 163 40 Defc.Ob. Sun 203 45
------- -------
Arc Direc. 2 39 Arc Direc. 2 43

Chap V.

Of Particular Elections.

In such things as belong to particular Elections and Persons, let this Rule be diligently observed, that the Election may be effectual for the purpose designed, and to this end, you must observe the Figure of the Nativity; for indeed these Elections of themselves without regard to the Nativity, are fruitless and Ineffectual; For example, if a man would elect a time to take Physick, the usual time is when the Moon is in Cancer, or Pisces; but if Saturn or Mars were there, or opposite to it, in that man's Nativity, instead of his Physick working kindly, perhaps it may kill him, or what is least, do great prejudice to his health.- So if a man would make an Election for Marriage, and place Venus very well in her Dignities, and in Moon in good Aspect of Jupiter;
yet if they were unfortunate places in the Radix where Jupiter and Venus are placed, the Election would be without effect,- again, he will not only err in not placing his Stars in good places of the Heavens; but also in expecting a good effect from a good Election, when perhaps the Nativity threatens him with the contrary (as perhaps in Marriage with a bad Wife) and also in expecting those things he desires, before Nature is ripe to produce them; for he or she who hath Saturn in the seventh, or in ill Aspect of the Moon or Venus, and two of the Significators in barren Signs, especially the Moon and Venus, that Man very rarely Marries before thirty; which if he doth, he must have some extraordinary Marrying Directions to perform it; and so in Health, Sickness, Honour, &c. the Directions must be considered; for if the decreed time is not come, it will profit nothing to make a happy Election, and indeed these things ought to be considered as the foundation and ground of Elections.

And so I come to speak in particular to every distinct part, each of which I shall distinguish by a Section.

Sect. 1. Of Blood-letting.

This is fit to be considered by all that are obliged to use Phlebotomy; in which let these Rules be considered.

First, The Age and Complexion of the person, the Weather, time of year, &c. unless you are compelled to let Blood; for in such cases, the wise and Judicious Physicians have more respect for necessity than for Elections; because delays are dangerous.

Secondly, The Configuration of the Sun and Moon, the Moon increasing in Light is most convenient for young Men; but for old Men, or such as are well grown in years, it is best to have the Moon decreasing.

Thirdly, The Sign the Moon possesseth, and what Rays she casteth to the good or the evil Stars; and also let no Artist use any Instrument upon Man's Body for Incision, the Moon being in the Sign governing the Part which is to be Cut, Lanced, or opened; for the Moon affords that Member a greater quantity of Humours, and what danger any Member is in, when a current of Humours runs to it being distempered, every Chyrurgeon knows; what Signs govern the Parts of the Body, hath been already shewed.

Fourthly, Let the Moon be free from Impediment by the Malignant Stars, and let her be in good Aspect with Jupiter and Venus, for this doth much profit, yea, without the Nativity; but if the Nativity may be had, let not the Moon be upon the Radical places of Saturn or Mars, neither let either of those be in the Horoscope, neither let the Horoscope be in the Sign of the sixth, eighth, or twelfth in the Radix, nor where Saturn, Mars, or South Node was, and if possible, not any Sign upon which they spread their Malignant Rays.

Lastly, Let the Lord of the Ascendant at the time of Blood-letting, be in the fourth with the Moon, or Configurated with the Lord of the eighth House; let the Malevolents
fall from Angles, and let not the seventh House be unfortunate; for that signifies the Chyrurgeon.

Sect. 2. Of Pills, Potions, &c. and other Physick.

First, Let the general times be considered, when it is most convenient to take Physick; for in Spring time our Bodies are more easily Purged, than in Summer or Winter: Again, Purgations are more Nauseous and Dangerous in the Canicular days, as Riverius, and others have sufficiently proved; and so they are in other very hot or cold days.

Secondly, Let the Moon be in Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces, these being most fit to Purge Malignant Phlegmatick Humours; but to Purge Melancholy, let the Moon be in Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius; to Purge Choller, place the Moon in Virgo, and some say Taurus; but I think that is more fit for Vomiting; some there are who Purge all Humours, the Moon, in Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces.- Thus,

  • The Moon in Cancer, Jupiter Purge Melancholy.
  • Scorpio or Pisces, Venus Purge Choler.
  • in sextile or trine to Sun Mars Purge Phlegm.

Yet I cannot be of the Opinion that the Moon in conjunction with Jupiter, is fit to Purge any Humour, the Physick being at that time almost dignified into Aliment, and doth not work like Physick, especially in carrying off Humours.

Then let the Configurations of the other Planets with the Moon be considered; for the Moon in ill Aspect of Saturn or Mars, gives Physick and evil Consequence, Moon in good Aspect with the Sun and Venus, doth further the kindly working of Physick. If you are to take or give a Vomit, let it be when the Moon is in a ruminating Sign, and such are Aries, taurus, Leo, Capricorn; but if it be a Purge, let the Moon be in any where else; but there, the former Rule's considered; Likewise, for Purging, let the Moon be joyned to a Planet under the earth; for by that means the humours will pass the easier downwards, and the Stomach be less subject to Vomit.

Sect. 3. Elections for Bathing.

Baths are used either to Mundisie the Body from uncleanness, or to restore decayed health and strength; such as belong to the former are good when Phlebotomy is so; namely, when the Moon is in Libra or Pisces, in conjunction or friendly Aspect with Venus- Such as respect the latter, vary according to the Disease; for if it require hummectation, as in a Consumptive persons, let the Moon be in watery Signs, in good Aspect with Jupiter or Venus; but if the Disease require to be dryed, as in the Palsey, let the Moon be in Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius, in good Aspect with the Sun or Mars.

Sect. 4. Elections for Cutting of Hair.

Cut Hair to grow apace, the Moon being in Taurus, Cancer, Libra, or Pisces, in good Aspect of Jupiter or Venus, or both, she increasing in Light; this being constantly observed, the effect is not to be doubted, on the contrary, the Moon being in the opposite Signs decreasing in Light, in ill Aspect to Saturn, make it grow slowly; and if the Moon should be in Aries, it threatens baldness.

Sect. 5. Elections for Marriage.

In the Marriages of Men, let the Moon and Venus be strong and fortunate in good places of the Figure, and in good Aspect of Jupiter, and he strong and in Reception with one or both, and all in friendly Aspect to the Lord of the Ascendant; let the seventh House and the Moon, as also the Horoscope be free and in such Signs as favour Marriage, as Taurus, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Pisces; but as I said before it is most necessary, that both the espoused persons have good Significators of Marriage in their Nativities; for so your Election shall be more effectual; but in the Marriages of Women, you must depute the Sun and Mars, as before you did the Moon and Venus.

Sect. 6. Elections for entring upon any Office or Dignity.

First, Let the Luminaries be in their Dignities, or at least not afflicted of the Malevolents.

Secondly, Let the Fortunes (especially Jupiter) be in the Horoscope, and let the Sun be in the M.C.

Thirdly, Let the seventh and second be strong and fortunate; for the one signifies Money, and the other signifies Councellors, and Councel to assist in publick affairs; for if in these Houses the unfortunate Stars are placed, it shews much damage and hurt in those things, and so much the more if the Benefick Stars do not cast their good Rays thither. But in taking upon you Martial Dignities and Offices, it is necessary that Mars be will placed,- But in these things the Nativities are solely to be inquired of.

Sect. 7. Elections for those going Journeys and Embassies, &c.

These Elections cannot well be made without the Figure of the Nativity of Revolution; wherefore, in the beginnings of Journeys, Elect that day and hour in which the Moon and Horoscope do agree with the Figure of the Nativity or Revolution for that year, let the eleventh and third Houses with their Lords be fortunate, watery Signs are best for Navigations; but fixed Signs for Inland Journeys; likewise the kind of business must be considered; for if you go to the King, let the tenth House of your Nativity ascend, let the Planets that govern those persons you carry an Embassy, or go about Business to, be strong in good Aspect with the Lord of the Ascendant; let the Moon which is a general Significator of Journeys, be fortunate and free from Impediment, and in good Aspect of the fortunate Stars, and let not the Malevolents be in Angles. Lastly, as the eighth House shews what shall happen to the Traveller when he is come to his appointed place, and the seventh what shall happen to him at his coming from thence, and the second the event of things at his return home (according to Ptolemy) so these Houses and their Lords must be fortunately placed; so that no evil success may ensure of the Journey.

Sect. 8. Elections for Navigations.

Haly adviseth to observe five Radixes, the three chiefest are these; first, the time when the Ship was begun to be Built; the second, the time when She was Lanched; and the last, the time when she sets Sail; which because the two former are not commonly to be gotten, we must make use of the last.- Therefore let no Ship set Sail in the hour of Saturn or Mars, neither let them be in the third or the ninth, or in square to a Planet in the ninth, let the fortunes be in the Angles or ninth House, and let not the Sun or Moon be afflicted of Saturn, for that shews Imprisonment, not of Mars for he then shews, Murther, Slaughter, Pirates, &c. not of the South Node, for that shews downright Cheating; understand the same of the Lord of the Horoscope, let not Saturn be in the Ascendant, not a fiery Sign ascend, for then there is a watery Sign upon the eighth House; let them begin to Sail in Hora Jovis vel Veneris, and let the Moon be in good Aspect of them also.

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