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John Partridge (1679): On Elections - Aphorisms

Text Copyright 2007 J. Lee Lehman

This material is excerpted from pages 264-276 of Partridge's work:

Partridge, John. 1679. Mikropanastron, or an Astrological Vade Mecum, briefly Teaching the whole Art of Astrology - viz., Questions, Nativities, with all its parts, and the whole Doctrine of Elections never so comprised nor compiled before, &c. William Bromwich: London.

Of some special Rules for Elections, digested into 80 Aphorisms.


By a Nativity, you may judge what part of the world is best to live it, either for Health or Riches.


If the Fortunes are joyned with the Lord of the Ascendant, between the M.C. and Ascendant; it is best to live Eastward.


In all Elections fortifie the Lord of the Ascendant, and the Lord of the House of the thing desired.


Saturn doth most mischief in long Journeys, Mars in short.


Fixed Signs forbid Journeys, Moveable Signs promote them, the latter part of Libra excepted.


The Moon increasing, in good Ray of the Sun, helps forward Journeys.


When an Infortune receives a Fortune by good Aspect, it doth no harm.


In Journeys, the greatest impediment of a Planet is to be Peregrine.


When you go a Journey by Land, it is bad to have Mars in the third or ninth, for it signifies he shall be robbed; but it is worse to have him in the second.


When you begin a Journey, take heed there is no ill Planet in the seventh; for that shews evil to befall thee in the place whither thou goest.


The Lord of the ninth or third in the first, the Journey will be profitable.


If the Lord of the Ascendant give power to the Lord of the ninth, the Journey will be profitable.


In short Journeys view the Lord of the third, for he signifies short Journeys.


In all Journeys view the Moon, for she is a general Significatrix of Journeys.


Take particular heed to the Lord of the hour; for if he be impedimented when you take a Journey, it will do as much harm, as when the Lord of the Horoscope is so.


The hours of Saturn and Mars are ill to take a Journey in; but the hours of Jupiter, Venus, Sun and Moon, are good.


In Journeys, the Impediments of Saturn are many, and may be known by the Nature of the Sign he is in; For Example, If in a Sea Voyage Saturn ascend in Pisces, the Ship will be Shipwrackt.


Take no Journey by Sea when a fiery Sign Ascendeth; for then a watery Sign is in the eighth House, which is evil.


If you go to a Prince or King, let a fiery Sign ascend, and let the Sun be fortunate.


If the Sun or Moon give power to the Lord of the Ascendant, it is good.


In the Foundations of Cities, in the first place regard the Fixed Stars, then joyn Benevolent Planets with them.


In the Foundations of Houses, first regard the Planets, and their Natures; then the Nature of the Signs.


The Moon in Scorpio or Pisces, having Latitude South and descending, begin no Building, for if you do, it will quickly fall.


The most fortunate time to begin Building, is, when the Moon is in Aquarius, or else let Aquarius ascend, and the Moon behold it and the Fortunes also by good Aspect; to wit the degree ascending.


Leo and Taurus are also good; but not so good as Aquarius.


Let not the Lord of the Ascendant be Combust or Retrograde, nor in his Fall, not in ill Aspect to any Planet.


If it be possible, let both the Lights behold the Ascendant.


At such a time Saturn will do least mischief in the twelfth, and Mars in the sixth.


Let not the Sign ascending at the Revolution of the year be in the seventh House, when you lay your Foundation; for that stirs up Enemies to molest your Building.


An evil Planet Peregrine in the tenth House will not stand, and yet you had better have Saturn there, than Mars.


That City will be most unfortunate, whose Foundation is laid when Mars is in the M.C. for many of its Citizens and Rulers will perish by the Sword.


When a Foundation is laid, let not the Moon be with the South Node, or in conjunction, square, or opposition to Saturn, not Saturn in the Ascendant; for the Building will go on slowly, and perhaps be never finished; it will be subject to many misfortunes, and perhaps at last fall down. At the Foundation of Chelsey Colledge, the Moon was in opposition to the Sun Lord of the twelfth in the tenth, and in square to Saturn Lord of the sixth, and Saturn in square to Mercury Lord of the Horoscope: it was never used for any thing but a Prison.


If Mars be so seated or Aspected as in the former Aphorism we have spoke of Saturn, the House will be Burnt; as you may see in the Figure of the Defiance Frigat.


In the Lanching of Ships let not Mars be in the Horoscope, nor the Lord of the Horoscope going to Combustion in the eighth in a fiery Sign; for the Ship will be certainly Burnt, as you may see in our Example.


Let the Moon and the Lord of the Horoscope be strong and unfortunate above the earth, and the Infortunes in Cadent Houses, except the ninth.


In Marriages the Ascendant stands for the Man, the seventh for the Woman.


In which of these parts good Planets are, it will be best for them.


In both beware of the beginning of Scorpio, and the end of Libra, for such is the Combust way, and portends no good in such matters, nor in few others indeed.


Let not the Moon be Combust, for that signifies death; nor in the Combust way, for that signifies an ill end.


It is very ill at the time of Marriage, if the Moon apply to Saturn or Mars, be the Aspect never so good; for there will be neither peace nor love between them.


If you would Marry for Issue, let the Moon be in Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces, not unfortunate; and if she be in the West, it is so much the better.


In all Marriages, let the Moon increase in Light and Motion, and let her have no ill Aspect to the Sun, not any at all to Saturn or Mars.


Venus is the general Significatrix of Marriage, and therefore it is best to let the Moon apply to her.


Let the Lord of the Ascendant and the Lord of the seventh be in good Aspect with Reception, and the Lord of the Ascendant strongest, and a commanding Planet.


If the Lord of the Ascendant is weak, and the Lord of the seventh strong in the seventh strong in the seventh, and he a commanding Planet also, and in good Aspect of Mars; she will wear the Breeches, and domineer over her Husband to the purpose.


I knew one that had Virgo ascending at Marriage, and Mercury in Virgo, and Jupiter Lord of the seventh in opposition to Saturn Retrograde, and both in square of Venus, and the Moon in square to Mars; the truth is, she was old and full of Conditions; but they were very wicked ones.


I know another who had Scorpio ascending at the time of Marriage, and Mars and Venus in conjunction in Virgo, and both Combust, and in opposition to the Moon, and it hath proved a very unhappy Marriage.


Let not Saturn or Mars be in the seventh, for they make the Women always out of order.


Such as go to War, ought to consider of coming safe home again.


For this end, let the Sun, Jupiter, Venus, or the North Node be in the Ascendant, or else they may fail of it.


If Saturn be in the Ascendant, he will come home again a Coward, and surprized with fear, and not fight.


If Mars be there, he will either dye, or be dangerously wounded.


But if Saturn and Mars be there, you may be confident he will never return.


If the Lord of the Ascendant be in his fall, he will hardly return.


If no Planet be in the Ascendant, look to the eighth or tenth Houses; for if an evil Planet be in the eighth, he will die; but if in the tenth, he will be taken Prisoner.


Jupiter in the eighth, and the Moon in conjunction with Saturn in the tenth, he comes home safe; but with difficulty and loss of honour, as in Maj. Gen. Lambert, who set out to meet Gen. Monck coming from Scotland, 1659. Novemb. 3. 10 ho. 15 min. A.M.


He that would fight effectually, must either have one of the houses of Mars ascending, or Mars in good Aspect of the Moon, Horoscope, or Lord thereof.


Let the Lord of the Ascendant be a Superiour Planet and strong, and let the Lord of the seventh be weak and in his Fall.


Let not the Moon, nor Lord of the Ascendant be afflicted by the Lord of the twelfth in the twelfth, lest he be taken Prisoner.


Neither let them be in the eighth, nor afflicted in the eighth,lest he die or be slain.


An evil Planet in the M.C. signifies ill to the Assailant; but in the I.C. to the Defendent.


Judge of the Assailant by the Ascendant, and so vary the Houses accordingly.


But judge of the Defendent by the seventh, and thence vary the Houses as before, the tenth being his fourth, and the fourth his tenth, &c.


It is not good to Fight, when the Lord of the Ascendant is in the eighth House.


The Sun doth no good in the Ascendant in the hour of Battail, nor yet joyned to the Lord of the Ascendant.


The Assailant always loseth the Battail, if the Lord of the Ascendant be an Infortune, Retrograde, or Combust.


But if the Lord of the seventh be so, the Defendent will be beaten, and he that begins the Battail first will have the Victory.


Let no King or General go to Battial, when the Lord of the Ascendant applies to the seventh House.


There is no taking of a City (Authors say) when the City-Sign ascends at the Revolution of the year of the World.


When the Moon, Saturn, and Mars shall be joyned together, there shall be great effusion of Blood.


But if at their setting forth, the Lord of the Ascendant and seventh, are in good Aspect with Reception, and the Benevolent Planets afford their Benevolent Rays, from good Houses of Heaven, they both agree without fighting.


What hath been said of two fighting, is as well applicable to the Plaintiff and Defendant in Law.


For any one to go to a King, or other great Man, let the Moon be in the Horoscope in sextile or trine to the Sun in the tenth House.


Or else let the Moon by applying to the Lord of the tenth, and if possible in Reception, and all begun in the hour of the Sun.


But if it be to go to, or Petition a Bishop, Judge, &c. let the Moon be joyned to Jupiter by Body or good Aspect, or by a square, so it be with Reception.


But if he be to go to old Men, let the Moon be applying by sextile or trine to Saturn, from good places of Heaven, the Angles have most force.


In managing Business with Women, let the Moon apply to Venus; if with Mathematicians, Accomptants, to Mercury; and so in the rest.


In all Elections you use the freedom of your will, and so you constitute the Heavens to dispose of their Influence in the common course of Nature.


In the framing of Elections, let them not be for unreasonable things, nor impertinent things; but use discretion with Art.


In all Elections have respect to their Nativities, and see whether there be a possibility of effecting it; for Art cannot contradict the Resolutions of a Deity.

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