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John Partridge (1679): The Qualities of the Houses

Text Copyright 2007 J. Lee Lehman

This material is excerpted from pages 41-47 of Partridge's work:

Partridge, John. 1679. Mikropanastron, or an Astrological Vade Mecum, briefly Teaching the whole Art of Astrology - viz., Questions, Nativities, with all its parts, and the whole Doctrine of Elections never so comprised nor compiled before, &c. William Bromwich: London.

Chap. VIII

Of the Signification of the Twelve Houses.

The first House containeth all that space from the line where the figure of I standeth, to the line where the second House beginneth (the last rule being remembered) and hath signification of the life of Man, the Stature, Complexion, and shape of the Querent or Native....

In Eclipses and Mundane Revolutions it signifies the common People in general, and the state of the whole Kingdom, and in a Nativity, if Mars be here it infallibly gives a wound in the face; if Saturn or South Node be here, they give always some great deformity. In Horary Questions from this House we give Judgment of things belonging to the Querents Life; and Origanus tells us, fol 428. the Consignificators of this House Aries, and Saturn, this being the first of Houses; Saturn is the first of Planets, and Aries is the first of Signs; Mercury joyeth in this House; and of Colours, the White is attributed to it.

Of Things belonging to the Second House

This House gives Judgment of the Querents Wealth, Poverty, Moveable Goods, Money lent, Profit, Gain, Loss or Damage in all Law-Suits, Quarrels and Contentions; it signifies the Querents Friends and Assistants in Eclipses and Mundane Revolutions; it shews the Ammunition, Allies and Support of the Kingdom; as also its Megazine.

... it governs in Man the Neck; and of Colours, it hath the Green.

Its Consignificators are, Jupiter and Taurus; I Jupiter in this House, strong in a Nativity, makes a Man Rich and Fortunate; but Mars peregrine, or the South Node here, makes him a Beggar.

Of This signified by the third House.

This House affords Judgment concerning Brethren, Sisters, Kindred, Neighbours, small and Inland Journeys, removing from place to place: Rumors of News, Epistles, Letters, Messengers.

It is a Cadent, Masculine House ... and Rules in Man the Shoulders, Arms and Hands; its Consignificators are Gemini and Mars; and of Colours, Red and Yellow.

The Signification of the fourth House.

From hence we give Judgment of Fathers in general, and in particular of the Querent or Natives Father; of Lands, Houses, Inheritances, Tillage, hidden Treasure, the end or determination of any thing; Castles, Cities, and Towns, besieged or not besieged, and the Lord of this House doth personate the Governor of the Places aforesaid.

It is the North Angle, called by ... the Latines Imum Coeli; it rules in Man the Breast and Lungs, and is Feminine; its Consignificators are Cancer and the Sun; and of Colours, the Red.

The Signification of the fifth House.

And this gives Judgment of the Condition of Women with Child, the Sex of the Infant, of Children in general; Banquets, Taverns, and Merriment; of Ambassadors, Agents, the wealth of the Father; the Ammunition of a Town Besieged, &c. and is called the House of Pleasure and Delight; it is Masculine, Succedent, and rules in Man the Heart and Back, and is called by ... the Latines Bona fortuna; and of Colours, it rules Black and White; its Consignificators are Leo and Venus.

Of the Signification of the sixth House.

The Judgment belonging to this House takes notice of Sickness and Diseases, its Nature and quality, Cureable or not Curable, all Servants of what quality soever; all kind of small Cattle, as Sheep, Goat, Cony, &c. Uncles and Aunts, or the Fathers Brothers and Sisters, Shepherd, Hoghead, Warriners, c.

It is a Feminine, Cadent House, unfortunate as having no Aspect to the Ascendant; and it is therefore called ... by the Latines mala fortuna; it rules in man the Belly; its Consignificators are Virgo and Mercury; and of Colours, Black.

Of things belonging to the seventh House.

This House judgeth Marriage, and all matters of Love, all Quarrels, Law-Suits, Duels; in Astrology and Physick, it signifies the Artist himself; Thieves, Thefts, whether Man or Woman, public Enemies; in Eclipses and Mundane Revolutions, of War and Peace, which may happen, and if War who overcomes; all Fugatives and Runaways.

It is a Masculine Angle, and rules in Man the Reins [small of the back] down to the Hips, and ... its Consignificators are Libra and Moon; and of Colours, Black.

Of Matters belonging to the eighth House.

From this House is required Judgment of Death and the Estate of dead Men, the Portion of the Wife or Sweet-heart, in Duels it shews the Adversaries Second; as also Wills and Legacies, in figura Mundi; it gives Judgment of the Enemies Assistants, their Allies and Confederates; it shews fear and sorrows, and is called the House of Sorrow; it is a feminine, Succedent House...; its Consignificators are Scorpio and Saturn, and rules in Man the Privy Parts; and of Colours, Green and Black.

the Signification of the ninth House.

Hence is Judgment required concerning Bishops and all Clergymen in general, Church-Livings and Benefices, of Voyages, long Journeys beyond Sea, Dreams, the Kindred of the Wife; it is a Masculine, Cadent House,...; its Consignificators are Sagittarius and Jupiter, and it rules in Man the Thighs and Hips; and of Colours, Green and White; if Saturn or Mars are unfortunately placed in this House, they either make a Man an Atheist, or one of a very depraved Faith.

Of things signified by the tenth House

This House takes notice of all Sovereign Kingship and Dignity, with Dukes,
earls, Judges, Commanders in Chief, in Armies or elsewhere; the Profession or Trade any one useth; as also Honour and Preferement, the Mother of the Native or Querent, Kingdoms, Empires, &c.

It is Feminine and Angular, called by the ... Latines Medium Coeli, Cor Coeli & Domus & Cuspis Regalis; its Consignificators are Capricorn and Mars, and it rules in Man the Knees and Hams; and of Colours, Red and White.

Saturn and Mars Peregrine, or the South Node in this House without some other good assistance of the Benefick Stars, doth usually prove fatal to all kinds of Persons, who have such a Nativity.

Of Things belonging to the eleventh House.

From this House we require Judgment of Friendship, Friends, their quality and Condition, the Querent or Natives hopes; it also signifies the Assistance of Princes, both in Money and Allies; it signifies the Exchequer, the Kings Council, Ammunition, and Souldiers.

Its Consignificators are Aquarius and Sun, it is a Masculine, Succedent House, and is called by the Latines Bonus genius, it rules in Man the Legs; and of Colours, Yellow.

The Properties of the twelfth House.

This is the House of Sorrow, and represents our private Enemies, all great Cattle, Sorrow, Imprisonment, Affliction; and it is called by ... the Latines Malus genius.

It is a Feminine, Cadent House, whose Consignificators are Pisces and Venus, it rules in Man the Feet; and of Colours, the Green.

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