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Edwin Casael: Three Horaries (1893)

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This is one of the examples that Alan Leo published in Modern Astrology: pages 326-327 of Volume 3, 1893. Later, Leo would reprise these published horaries as his examples in Horary Astrology. Part of what is interesting about this example is what it shows of Casael's method: because he received his horaries mainly by post, he took the same time for the two letters that he opened. Having this same experience with e-mail, I can understand this: most likely he read them within a couple minutes of each other. Unless the time was close to a change in sign, I can understand how it was easier for Casael to just use the same chart: since he didn't use the Terms, there was less incentive to do a full chart.

Three Questions: page 32
Edwin Casael

Shall I dispose of my stock well? Shall I get out of business and go south of birthplace? Another Letter. Is it advisable for me to go on with the medical profession? Should I do any good on the stage? Would it be wise to go abroad?

Finding the lord of first Rx, cadent, and afflicting the Moon by a close square, you are in a most desponding state respecting it. As your significator has no good aspect from either planet, and Jupiter, lord of the second, having recently fallen from an angle, I fear the stock, although in good condition, will remain a drug in the market some months to come. As Mars becomes direct the beginning of September, prices will improve a little, but in the middle of December, when Jupiter becomes direct, and sextile Mars place in figure, will be the best time to dispose of stock. At the same time, Mercury, lord of the eighth, will be in Sagittarius, in sextile to Mars, and trine to Jupiter, also favourable. Venus, lady of the seventh, passes cusp second, is another argument. As Sun is lord of the tenth, and sextile to Saturn, part ruler of the second, I advise you to dispose of it to a company, in preference to a private individual. And early in January, go South, with perfect success.*

* The owner states that the stock is worth thousands. Natus given to students if desired.

2. Mars, lord of first retrograde in cadent house, signifies you are most despondent and irresolute; have an idea you will never do any good in the world.+ As Mars has the square of Moon from the seventh, I am certain a lady has absorbed much of your tikme that should have been given to study. As the Moon is approaching square of Mercury, he being on the M.C., I opine you will have a severe letter from your mother, upbraiding you for waste of time, and not without good reason, for you have been most dilatory. As Mercury, lord of the eleventh, has no aspect to Mars, I cannot recommend another examination, for you will fail. As the Moon is lady of the ninth, in close square to Mars, and he Rx and cadent, I cannot recomment you to go abroad, neither could I advise the stage, as Sun, lord of tenth, is square to Jupiter, lord of the fifth (Theatres).

+ I am informed just failed in examination. Time of birth given to any truthseeker on receipt of stamped envelope.

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