Electional Astrology

Edwin Casael: Two Partnership Horaries (1893)

Text Copyright 2007 J. Lee Lehman

This is one of the examples that Alan Leo published in Modern Astrology: pages 326-327 of Volume 3, 1893. Later, Leo would reprise these published horaries as his examples in Horary Astrology.

Question: Shall I do right by remaining in my present situation? Page 63
Edwin Casael

Shall I do right by remaining in my present situation? If I leave, am I likely to improve my position? Is the person by whom I am employed reliable, and what he professes to be?

The lord of ascendant cadent in twelfth house shows you are in a most desponding state of mind, and was it not for approaching semi-sextile of the Moon, would throw up the situation. As the Moon is only five degrees from the semi=sextile of Mercury, I believe in five weeks some great concession will be made you (since confirmed by letter). As Venus is posited in the tenth house and the Sun favourably inclined from the eleventh, signifying hopes and wishes, is a strong argument, you should continue. As the Moon is leaving a malefic and hasting to sextile of Sun in the eleventh house is another favourable argument. As Uranus in second has the square of Sun there will be delay in payment of salary or commission (confirmed by letter). As Jupiter, lord of the fourth has no aspect to Mercury or Moon, yet comes within four degrees of a trine on September 4th, to the opposition of Jupiter, October 10th, be cautious so as not to cause a rupture on that day. To sum it up 1. Stay, but be circumspect. 2. Not for some months. 3. Your employer is too exacting, yet an honourable man. If not careful, will have notice to leave on October 10th.

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