Electional Astrology

W. Eland:
[Physical Descriptions of the Planets] (1670)

Text Copyright 2007 J. Lee Lehman

Here, we quote from: Eland, W.1670. A Tutor to Astrologie, or Astrologie made Easie. Joseph Moxon: London. Horary astrologers either emphasize (or ignore!) the physical description of the Querent, and often the Quesited. Eland's description includes some of the conditions of the planet, as well as the planets themselves.

pp 10 -
W. Eland

Of the Nature of Saturn

Saturn is masculine, diurnal, author of melancholy and solitariness; signifying one of a middle stature, pale, swarthy, or muddy, complexion small black eyes, looking downward; a broad forehead, black of very dark hair, and it rugged or harsh, great ears, lowring eye-browes, thick lips and nose, thin beard, a lumpish heavy countenance, large shoulders stooping, thin thighs, indecent feet, oftentimes hitting one foot against another.

When he is occidental, the stature is more short, but decent and well-composed. But when he is oriental, more black and lean, with less hair.

If he want Latitude, he is more fat; If it be South, and quick in motion, fat and fleshy; if the Latitude be North, hairy and much flesh.

In his first station a little fat. In his second station, fat ill-favoured bodies and weak.

Note the Orientality and Occidentality, North and South Latitude, &c. as they are now described, are so the be observed in the rest of the Planets.


Jupiter is sanguine, diurnal, masculine, temperate, representing one of an upright tall stature, brown ruddy complexion, plump oval visage, high forehead, soft brown hair, and it thick, large gray eyes, a strong able body, a short neck, and sometimes a black spot between his two foreteeth, and handsome compleat body, sober and grave in discourse, and of a most noble disposition.


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