Electional Astrology

The Horary Examples of Ebinezor Sibly (1790, 1817)

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In this horary, we are reminded of how different societies have different functional definitions. The older definition of a 3rd house trip was an overland journey, contrasted with the 9th house version, which was journey by sea

Reference: Sibly, Ebinezer. 1817. A New and Complete Illustration of the Celestial Science of Astrology; or the Art of fortelling future Events and Contingencies by the Aspects, Positions and Influences of the Heavenly Bodies. The Proprietor, at #17, Ave-Maria Lane, St. Pauls: London. (12th, or Posthumous Edition).

QUESTION V. On the Success of a JOURNEY
Ebinezor Sibly, pp 335-337

Being applied to by a tradesman, who was going a journey on some particular business, to inform him whether it would be prosperous and successful; I took the time of day, and projected the following scheme to correspond with it.

Here I find four degrees fourteen minutes of Gemini upon the cusp of the horoscope, and consequently Mercury is the querent’s significator, which being posited in the twelfth house, the house of anxiety and disappointment, combust of the Sun, and disposed of by Mars, the implicator of private enemies, in the querent’s house of substance; these positions plainly showed the object of the journey to be concerning the adjustment of some accounts, or other money-matters. The Moon, lady of the third, signified the journey; and the seventh house and its lord, i.e., Jupiter, represents the place and person the querent is going to.

Now the Moon having lately separated from a partile conjunction of her fortunate node and Jupiter, and applying to a quartile of Mars, and then to a conjunction of Venus, tends to prove that his journey should be safe and unimpeded; but at the same time denotes that the object of it should not be accomplished, which is further confirmed by the position of Mars in the second house. I informed him that he would most probably meet with unpleasant treatment from some lady, respecting money-concerns, and that they should part in anger, which would terminate to his prejudice; and this I conceived from the application of the Moon to a quartile aspect with Mars, followed by a conjunction with Venus. It further appeared to me that his journey would be far from pleasant of agreeable; but that, on the contrary, he would meet with great vexation, trouble and disappointment. This is indicated by the Moon’s unfortunate node, or Dragon’s Tail, being posited in the fifth, or house of pleasure and delight, at the same time that the querent’s significator occupies the house of disappointment and trouble. Hence, I persuaded him to postpone his journey to a future day; because if he did go, I was perfectly satisfied he would lose more than he would gain, exclusive of being disappointed in the principal object of it. He then left me, and went home with an undetermined mind; but has since told me that his necessity got the better of his reason, and therefore he went the journey contrary to my advice, and found the event, with all its contingencies, exactly as I predicted.

Some months later, he came to me again, saying he wished to take another journey on the same business; but, as me former prediction had so exactly corresponded with the event, he was now determined to act implicitly by my advice, and therefore requested me to erect a figure to know whether there were better hopes of success in his present undertaking than in the former. To oblige him I drew out the figure to the exact time of proposing the question, and finding the benevolent aspects all in the querent’s favour, I told him he had no time to ose; for that if he hastened away, success would crown his labours. He went, met the parties at home, settled his accounts, and returned with his pockets full of money, and his heart full of content; and a few days afterwards he thanked me for my services.

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