Electional Astrology

The Horary Examples of Ebinezor Sibly (1790, 1817)

Text Copyright 2007 J. Lee Lehman

Here Sibly uses the concept of removal with a twist to examine a job situation: by taking the present job from the 4th, and the proposed job from the 7th. Of course, because this proposed job would involve moving, it’s not so much the job Sibly examines as the question of moving.

Reference: Sibly, Ebinezer. 1817. A New and Complete Illustration of the Celestial Science of Astrology; or the Art of fortelling future Events and Contingencies by the Aspects, Positions and Influences of the Heavenly Bodies. The Proprietor, at #17, Ave-Maria Lane, St. Pauls: London. (12th, or Posthumous Edition).

Ebinezor Sibly, pp 337-339

A person had some time been settled in business, without meeting with so much encouragement as he expected; and, an opportunity offering of settling in the same line of business in another place, he came and requested my advice upon the matter, whether it would be most to his advantage to embrace the present offer, or to continue in his former frustration. To satisfy him in this particular, I erected the following figure.

Leo being upon the cusp of the ascendant, gives the Sun for the querent’s significator; the fourth house and its lord represent his present situation; and the seventh house and its lord the place to which he has thoughts of removing. Now the Sun, the querent’s significator, being on the point of leaving a fixed sign, and entering upon a common sign, clearly implies a strong inclination in the querent to travel, or to remove from one place to another; or rather, that he had almost determined in his own mind to change his present abode for the one under contemplation; and, on putting the question to him, he frankly confessed it.

The seventh house having no benevolent aspect, and Saturn, its lord, being posited in the sixth, indicates affliction and prejudice by open enemies; if he removed to the place intended; and that he would suffer great loss and injury thereby, if he removed. But finding Mars, lord of the fourth, in trine aspect to the fourth, which represents his present place of abode; and Venus, lady of the tenth, the house of trade and profession, strongly dignified therein, and applying to a sextile aspect of Mars, denotes an increasing and prosperous trade to the querent, provided he remained in his present situation; which for these reasons I greatly pressed him to do. He took my advice, and has lately thanked me for it, having already found an increase of business. I told him he need not doubt of still greater success; for, when the effects of the sextile aspect of Venus and Mars shall begin to operate, which will be about the end of October, as is demonstrated by the degrees between the two significators, at which time they will also be in a mutual reception, his increase of trade will become more visible; particularly as Venus, the principal significatrix of business, will then have separated from a conjunction with Mercury, and will apply to a conjunction of the Sun, the lord of the ascendant, and the significator of the querent.

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