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Have you ever found yourself reading a chart and generating more buzz words than meaning? You go to conferences, read books, talk to other astrologers - you know all these techniques, and yet the meaning just seems to slip away. The Sun is square Mars, but trine Pluto, which is in a yod with Neptune and the Moon, which is all part of a locomotive pattern, and transitting Saturn has just conjoined the Neptune? And then, what to do with Mars out of bounds? No wonder you keep going back to the books to try to grapple with this: you have all these images spinning in your head and no way to sort them out into patterns, much less prioritize the pieces!

The purpose of the Introductory Classical Astrology course is a to teach the background and logic behind classical astrological techniques and methods, with an eye toward the integration of these techniques into conventional modern delineation. Why add classical methods? Because, chances are, modern methods alone don't give you answers to all the questions you have.

Classical astrology went through at least three major periods where astrologers developed a consistent logic to put together an understanding of the chart. Rather than " a little of this, a little of that," imagine how much more powerful your understanding and explanations will be when you have a system to use to construct meaning.

This course teaches the basics of classical delineation: the use of dignities, temperament, and how to meaningfully discuss happiness, financial planning, health, relationships and professional concerns over the life of the Native. The Course is geared to natal astrology, but many of the techniques are also applicable in horary, electional, and mundane. This course overlaps with, but does not cover exactly the same sequence or material as the Classical Studies in Horary Course.

This Course assumes a basic knowledge of natal astrology, comparable to the NCGR Level II certification, or the first year of study under the Federation of Australian Astrologers curriculum. A previous exposure to classical method is not necessary.

Lee has taught on-line at Kepler College for ten years. In her private courses, she takes that experience in cutting edge on-line instruction technology and applies it to a less academic and more practical setting. Her take on adult education? Strictly business! She won't waste your time on exercises that don't teach you how to do the method she is presenting. And that is the purpose of a teacher, after all - not to impress you, not to overwhelm you - but to give you an introduction to the material in a way that you leave the course better educated - which means not only knowing more about the material, but being able to ask questions, and explore more on your own. When you have finished any of Lee's courses, you can be confident that you will have more tools to understand a chart, and the grounding to apply them.

By the final session, the student should be familiar enough with classical theory to be able to apply classical techniques successfully to routine astrological issues of the kind presented in the typical consultation. To pass the Course, the work submitted must demonstrate a consistently high quality.

This course available on-line! The graphic shows the site you will be working in - and some of the material that you will have on your course site. Once you register for a course, you will always have access to the latest version through your user login. And as you can see, you are learning within an environment created for learning - not one adapted to learning.

To view some information about the new course site, and view a sample lesson, log into the following site. When you are at the login screen, log in as a Guest.

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Lessons may be submitted in either English or French, and may be submitted by e-mail, snail mail, or fax.


  1. Introduction to the History of Astrology: The Major Contributions of Babylonian, Greek, Arab, Medieval European & Renaissance Astrology.
  2. Aristotle Lite: Introduction to Greek cyclic analysis. Elements, Qualities and Triplicities. Transmutation and Transformation.
  3. Essential Dignities. Almutens. The Children of the Native.
  4. Accidental Dignities. Wit & Understanding of the Native. Complexion.
  5. Antiscia. Beholding. Signs of Equal Power. The Fortune of the Native.
  6. The Lots - especially the Part of Fortune. The Religious Convictions of the Native. The Soul in Classical Philosophy and Astrology.
  7. Everything you ever wanted to know about Sect.... The Profession of the Native.
  8. Whole Sign Houses & Aspects vs. Projected House Systems & Orbs: A Comparative Study.
  9. Profections: the Easy Way to Spin a Chart. Solar Returns in the Classical Style.
  10. The Master Piece: Your Classical Astrology Research Project

Required Reading

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---. Classical Astrology for Modern Living : From Ptolemy to Psychology & Back Again. Atglen, Pa.: Whitford Press, 1996.

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Ptolemy, and Frank Egleston Robbins. Tetrabiblos. The Loeb Classical Library. Cambridge, MA: Harvard university press, 1940.

NB: check out the video on versions of Ptolemy if you are considering buying one. NB: The Robbins version is now available for free online.

Ramesey, William. Astrologia Restaurata. London,: Printed for R. White, 1653. NB: provided as part of the course.

Sidonius, Dorotheus. Carmen Astrologicum. Trans. David Pingree. Also: Ascella: Nottsh. ed. Leipzig: B. G. Teubner Verlagsgesellschaft, 1976.


This course uses video, and audio versions of the lecture that you can download and play on the road. You get bibliographies and worked out examples. Please note that this course is designed for a high-speed Internet link. If you do not have one, then you will need to buy the cd, which is $20 extra with shipping.

Note: this payment is for the first half of the course. If you want to order the entire course, enter " 2" for the number of items. Otherwise, you can pay for the second half once you complete the first half.





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CS 101: Beginning Classical Natal Astrology

The basics of classical delineation: dignities, temperament, and how to meaningfully discuss happiness, financial planning, health, relationships and professional concerns over the life of the Native.


Classical Astrology for Modern Living
Classical Astrology for Modern Living

Classical techniques that work as well in a modern context as in an ancient one.



The Book of Rulerships
The Book of Rulerships

The reference guide to who said what about what rules what.



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