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Pegasus is similar to the Kepler program, but has fewer features. Pegasus is like a "mini Kepler" program. The price of Pegasus is $100, and the price of Kepler is $300. If you do not need all of the features of KEPLER, then it makes sense to save $200 and purchase Pegasus instead of Kepler. 

Accuracy and Time Range:

Planets can be calculated from the years 999 BC to 2300 AD, except the 4 major asteroids and 8 trans neptunian planets which are calculated only from years 1722 to 2100. Accuracy of Sun and Moon is less than 1 second of arc, the other planets is 2 seconds of arc, and the accuracy for the asteroids, transneptunian planets, and Chiron is 1 minute of arc. 


Natal, Composite, Solar and Lunar Returns, Relocation Charts, and Progressed Charts. Transit-to-natal and progressed-to-natal listings. Chart Wheels: Dozens of Chart wheels to choose from. Chart wheels are not customizable.

House Systems:

Campanus, Equal, Koch, Meridian, Morinus, Placidus, Porphyry, Regiomantanus, Topocentric, Zero Aries, Sun-on-Asc.


Tropical, Sidereal Adjustment to Positions: Draconic chart, tobey Secondary.


Pegasus comes with a big atlas but not all places in the world are included. Nearly all cities in North America, South America, and Europe are included in the Pegasus atlas. Only a few major cities in Asia, Africa, and Australia are included. For other cities you must look up the daylight savings time and time zone information and coordinance. 


Suppose that you decide to purchase Pegasus, and later you decide that you wish to purchase Kepler. Pegasus owners can upgrade to Kepler for $225, instead of paying the full price of $300. Most of the cost of your Pegasus program is deducted from the purchase of Kepler if you decide to upgrade to Kepler at any time after purchasing Pegasus.

Features Not in Pegasus:

There are many features of Kepler that are not available in Pegasus. Some of the major features of Kepler that are not in Pegasus are: Kepler has a complete atlas of the world, the Live Mini Reading, Avalon College, AstroEncyclopedia, the collection of over 400 beautiful graphic images, the data collection of thousands of charts of famous people and companies, AstroMaps, the ability to customize wheel styles, many astrological calculations such as midpoints, arabic parts, and harmonics, BiWheels, and TriWheels. All of the features such as time line format of transits, heliocentric and altitude-azimuth charts, 40 minor asteroid positions, transiting declinations and eclipses, Treasure Maps, and advanced research capabilities are not included in Pegasus, and many more!



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Pegasus Beginning Astrology

Pegasus Beginning Astrology Software
If you do not need all of the features of KEPLER, then it makes sense to save $200 and purchase Pegasus instead of Kepler.


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