Cosmic Patterns

Sirius 1.1:

Sirius has everything Kepler has plus:

ANCIENT, WESTERN: A few of the new reports you can produce are: Partile and Refranation Table, Essential Dignities Table, Almutens Table, Hyleg and Alcochodon Table, Almudebit Table, Temperament Table, Lunar Mansions Table, Dispositors Table, and Planetary House for Day of Birth.

HELLENISTIC NATAL & HELLENISTIC TIME LORDS: Produce a listing of Zodiacal Aphesis, Decennials, 129 Year System, Balbillus Method, Circumambulations, Annual Profection, and Lunar Monomoiria.

NEW MODERN METHODS: Composite charts of 3 or more charts, Phase Angle Returns, transiting and progressed 4-planet combinations, aspects in the transiting/natal composite chart, etc. are among a few of a great many new advanced modern features.

VEDIC: Chakras, Vargas & Tables, Vedic Natal Interpretation and Listing, Dasas & Bhuktis, Panchanga, Muhurta, Ashtakavarga, Gochara, Shad Bala, Chart Summary, Upagrahas, Bhava Arudha, Special Lagnas, Chara Karaka, etc.

CHART WHEELS: Beautiful Nakshatra wheel, Hellenistic wheel, and different sets of patterns, (modern, Huber, symmetrical, and harmonic), a fabulous new Page Designer, a PopUp Wheel, and MANY other new chart wheel features.

90 DEGREE DIAL ANIMATION: Interactively move the Dial in a 360, 180, 120, 72, 60, 45 or 30 Degree Dial to see midpoints that are formed at any point on the Dial. Dials can be regular, BiWheel, TriWheel, or QuadWheel Dials so that you can see midpoints formed between charts.

OTHER ANIMATIONS AND DYNAMIC INTERACTIVE FEATURES: View a wheel, BiWheel, TriWheel, QuadWheel or multiple wheels and watch planet positions move dynamically or as you click on arrows to move the charts forward or backward in time. New interactive features for quickly seeing aspects and conjunctions to fixed stars are a big help when doing horary and electional astrology.

PLANET MANDALAS: Planetary Mandalas reveal that the simple elliptical paths of planets form beautiful and fascinating shapes. Sirius provides innovative features to its Planet Mandalas, and these new features show an extraordinary elegance and beauty that has not been fully seen before.

DATA ENTRY: Unlimited notes, ability to have multiple keywords for charts, and a new free-form style of data entry are a few of the new improvements.

OTHER FABULOUS FEATURES: New research features like correlating forecasted and actual values are a breakthrough for financial astrology research. The beautiful, zoomable, Sky Map that can be animated, exciting new AstroMaps like map lines for any asteroids and for fixed stars are breakthroughs.

Computer requirements:

Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7

CD Rom Drive


1 GIG disk space

Speakers not required, but recommended

Runs on Power Mac with Virtual PC installed



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Sirius 1.1
Sirius 1.1

The top of the line product for "Sirius" professionals and students

Sirius 1.1 Upgrade from Kepler 7
Sirius 1.1 Upgrade from Kepler

The top of the line product for "Sirius" professionals and students

Sirius Training
($ 15.00)

Lee's Training Cd: Sirius for Solar Fire Users
Lee's training cd is designed to help astrologers who are used to Solar Fire navigate and take advantage of  the many features of Sirius.


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