Electional Astrology

Joseph Blagrave (1682): The Rulerships of Minerals and Stones

Text Copyright 2007 J. Lee Lehman

This material is excerpted from Blagrave's work:

Blagrave, Joseph. 1682. Blagrave's Introduction to Astrology in Three Parts. Obad. Blagrave: London, pp 44-


Minerals: Lead, Coals, and dross of all Metals

Stones: All black, or ashey-coloured stones


Minerals: Tin

Stones: Amethyst, Beazoar, Crystal, Emerald, Hiacinth, Marble, Saphire, Topaz, and all common Stones of blewish colour, or red mixt with green.


Minerals: Iron, Antimony, Arsenick, Brimstone, Ocre

Stones: The many-coloured Amethyst, Adamant, Bloodstone, Load-stone, Jasper, Red Lead, or Vermillion, and all common red stones.


Minerals: Gold

Stones: Ruby, Carbuncle, Hyacinth, and Chrysolite


Minerals: All Latten Ware, white Copper, sometimes Silver

Stones: white Coral, Chrysolite, light silky-coloured Saphire, Diamond, Alabaster, and all stones which are white of colour


Mineral: Quick-silver

Stones: Agates, Topaz, Marcasite, or Fire-stone, and all stones of divers Colours


Mineral: Silver

Stones: The Crystal, the Selenite, and all soft white Stones

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