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Edwin Casael: Is the English nation the lost sheep of the House of Israel? (1893)

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This is one of the examples that Alan Leo published in Modern Astrology: pages 326-327 of Volume 3, 1893. Later, Leo would reprise these published horaries as his examples in Horary Astrology. I have to admit that this is in the category of horaries I would not personally allow, because I don't think it rigorously meets the criterion of being an answerable question. However, there is no question that, historically, astrologers have debated questions of this type. For those of you who are interested in a history of the subject referred to by this horary, I suggest Barbara Tuchman's classic, Bible and Sword (1956), which traces the curious history of English belief in a special connection between England and the Lost Tribes of Israel.

Question: Is the English nation the lost sheep of the House of Israel? Page 103
Edwin Casael

The following question was put to me by a friend at Teignmouth. Is the English nation the lost sheep of the House of Israel? The square of Mars to Uranus would show there has been intense opposition to the doctrine from eccentric persons. Venus square to Jupiter and opposition to the Moon shows great antagonism from females, also a part of the clergy, as Jupiter is always a significator of clergymen, and being in the third house, I should say the opposition is chiefly from dissenting clergymen. The Moon hastening to the trine of Saturn in the ninth house, religion is an argument that in about two years from now much more attention will be given to the subject, and fresh facts adduced. Uranus having semi-sextile Saturn many Established Church clergymen are now in favour of it. The tenth house signifies the nation, and as Mars is joint ruler with Uranus, both being angular and in fixed signs, are arguments of the verity of the assertion that we are indeed the lost Tribes. Lastly, as Venus, lady of the fourth, has the opposition of the Moon, a general significator of the public, the English nation as a body will be adverse to it.

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