Electional Astrology

The Horary Examples of Ebinezor Sibly (1790, 1817)

Text Copyright 2007 J. Lee Lehman

There are two matters of particular interest in this horary. First, Sibly again uses the latitude of the Moon to adjust the timing; in this case, by subtracting degrees with the Moon in North latitude. Secondly, here is an example of adjusting the unit of time given that the two significators used are in different quadruplicities.

Reference: Sibly, Ebinezer. 1817. A New and Complete Illustration of the Celestial Science of Astrology; or the Art of fortelling future Events and Contingencies by the Aspects, Positions and Influences of the Heavenly Bodies. The Proprietor, at #17, Ave-Maria Lane, St. Pauls: London. (12th, or Posthumous Edition).

Ebinezor Sibly, pp 333-335

A gentleman called upon me to enquire, whether any remarkable change of circumstances would ever happen to him in respect of riches, and the time when. Conceiving his desire to arise from a strong impulse of the mind, I took the exact time of the day, and erected the following figure to resolve this question.

The lord of the ascendant, and lord of the hour, being of one nature and triplicity, shows the figure to be radical. And, as Gemini occupies the cusp of the ascendant, Mercury is its lord, and the querent’s significator; and being posited in the eleventh house, in a watery sign, and in trine to Jupiter, lord of the seventh, who is here posited in the sixth, is a strong argument of riches by means of servants, or of persons of a subordinate capacity. The Moon, who is lady of the second, being in her exaltation, in trine aspect to the Sun, and applying to a trine with Jupiter, and a dexter trine aspect with Mercury, declares a great and sudden flow of riches to the querent, and that unexpectedly.

Being much pressed to speak to the particular point of time when this good fortune should come up, I considered what might be the gentleman’s occupation; and observing Mercury to be his significator, and posited in a watery sign, I told him I judged he belonged to the sea, and had some employment on ship-board, in a capacity where writing or accounts were principally concerned. This he acknowledged, by saying he was captain’s secretary. I then observed that his principal significators of wealth and riches were also posited in watery signs, as the Moon in Cancer in the second house, and Jupiter in Scorpio in the sixth, and the Sun and Mercury in Pisces in the eighth, all in trine aspects of each other, which plainly indicated these riches were to come by the sea; and as they were to be sudden, and as it were instantaneous, I concluded they would arise by the capture of some rich prize, and a south-east direction from London, which is denoted by the Part of Fortune being in the twelfth house, and Venus, its dispositor, in Aquarius, a southern sign, in quartile aspect to the Part of Fortune; and the Part of Fortune being opposite to Jupiter, the lord of the seventh, the house of public enemies, also declares the querent’s fortune should come that way; which is rendered still more apparent, by the Part of Fortune being in sextile to the Moon and Mercury. When I had mentioned these particulars, he frankly told me his ship was under sailing orders, and he expected to be called on-board every hour.

To ascertain the time when these riches should be acquired, I particularly noticed the application of the Moon to the lord of the ascendant, and found them nineteen degrees distant from a particular aspect. But the Moon, being swift in motion, with three degrees north latitude, and Mercury having no latitude, I deducted three degrees from the Moon’s place, which I set down at twelve degrees; and then by subtracting twelve degrees from twenty-eight degrees three minutes, which is Mercury’s place, there remains sixteen degrees three minutes; which, as the Moon is in a moveable sign, and Mercury in a common sign, is equal to sixteen weeks, or thereabout; and therefore I concluded this good fortune would happen to him in nearly that distance of time. And I have since had the satisfaction of hearing, from the gentleman’s own mouth, that this prediction was literally verified by the capture of a rich prize within the time specified.

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