Electional Astrology

The Horary Examples of Ebinezor Sibly (1790, 1817)

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Here, one of the significant points about this horary is the way that Sibly used the 2nd from both the querent and the quesited to examine the outcome. He also uses the 8th as the fourth from the father: but without discussing whether this is just a literal rendering of the use of the eighth house for inheritance, or whether this in effect is an extension that the father’s patrimony in turn came from his own father, or whether this was a reference to his father’s “end” (4th from the 4th). Sibly also uses a mutual reception in this delineation.

Reference: Sibly, Ebinezer. 1817. A New and Complete Illustration of the Celestial Science of Astrology; or the Art of fortelling future Events and Contingencies by the Aspects, Positions and Influences of the Heavenly Bodies. The Proprietor, at #17, Ave-Maria Lane, St. Pauls: London. (12th, or Posthumous Edition).

Ebinezor Sibly, pp 337-339

A young gentleman in the navy, who had been rather wild, and was in consequence under the displeasure of his parents, having been threatened to be disinherited, came the instant he heard this unfavourable news, and enquired of me whether he should, or should not, enjoy his father’s estate. To resolve his doubts, I projected the figure following.

The ascendant and his lord represent the querent; and, as Aquarius occupies the cusp thereof, Saturn is his significator. The father is represented by the fourth house, and Mercury, the lord thereof, is his significator. The second house and his lord signifies the querent’s substance; and the fifth house and its lord signifies the substance of his father. Here we find Mercury in conjunction with Jupiter in the eighth house, which is the father’s fourth, and implies a substantial fortune, particularly as the Sun is posited in the same house, with mutual reception between the two significators of substance; whereby it is evident that the son will inherit the father’s estate and fortune.

The conjunction of Jupiter with Mercury, that father’s significator, is also a strong argument of paternal regard on the side of the father; and therefore I informed him that there appeared to me to be no doubt but he would succeed to the estate of his ancestors, provided he acted at all consistently with the duty and obedience of a son, and would use proper endeavours to regain his father’s good-will and forgiveness, and aim to be more prudent and careful in spending his income; for the position of Jupiter declares him to be regardless of money among his companions and acquaintances, and extravagantly generous and good-natured. The conjunction of Mars with Venus likewise shows his desire after women, and denotes that they will be a continual source of misfortune and expense to him, and will help off pretty fast with his money; but the position of the fortunate node of the Moon in his second house sufficiently indicates that he will have a competent provision during life.

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