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Classical Studies in Medical Astrology

Medical Astrology is one of those topics that most astrologers would like to know more about, but often the hardest part is even knowing where to start. Part of the challenge is that, in order to do medical, the astrologer needs to be able to combine natal techniques with horary and electional ones. Heretofore, there has been no mechanism that has taught so interdisciplinary a subject.

Now there is. The Classical Studies courses - Natal, Horary, and Electional - teach the prerequisites. The prerequisite is either those three Courses, or Lee's Pre-medical Intensive or Workbook, which contains the relevant selections. To aid your understanding, a number of the Learning with Lee Series are on medical topics, and are optionally available. Answers to the questions in the Lessons must be submitted before you continue to the course proper.

By the final session, the student should be able to evaluate the natal chart from a standpoint of health, diet, exercise and vitality; answer questions concerning cases with existing disease; and evaluate proposed surgery times.

The purpose to this Course is not to engage in medical practice as understood legally. The purpose is to provide the astrologer with the tools to offer specialized services to their clients, mainly concerning the timing and circumstances of medical care provided by licensed practioners.

Lee has taught on-line at Kepler College for ten years. In her private courses, she takes that experience in cutting edge on-line instruction technology and applies it to a less academic and more practical setting. Her take on adult education? Strictly business! She won't waste your time on exercises that don't teach you how to do the method she is presenting. And that is the purpose of a teacher, after all - not to impress you, not to overwhelm you - but to give you an introduction to the material in a way that you leave the course better educated - which means not only knowing more about the material, but being able to ask questions, and explore more on your own.

But the real value of this Course is not the lessons, but the opportunity to learn from your own examples. These become the subject for a mentoring environment where personal feedback accelerates your learning. This Course gives you the opportunity to work with Lee, not simply read Lee’s books and Course materials.

To pass the Course, the work submitted must demonstrate a consistently high quality. Lessons may be submitted in either English or French.

Lessons may be submitted by fax or e-mail, except where particular questions require diagrams which may not be appropriate in text format. Rich Text Format attachments, Word, or Word Perfect attachments are also acceptable.


If you have not taken Horary, Natal and Electional with Lee, the CS Pre-Med Course (see below) consists of two lessons from Horary, and one each from Natal and Electional. To aid your understanding, a tape of a weekend in which Lee presented this material in San Francisco is optionally available (see the Tapes Section of Products and Services). Answers to the questions in the Lessons must be submitted before you continue to the Medical Course proper.

The Pre-Med covers an introduction to classical astrology in general, and interroragtory astrology in particular, the calculation of temperament types, and an introduction to surgery electional.

New! The pre-med course available on-line! Once you register for a course, you will always have access to the latest version through your user login.

To view some information about the new course site, and view a sample lesson, log into the following site. When you are at the login screen, log in as a Guest.

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The Pre-Med course has been converted to the same computer-cd format as the "Learning with Lee" series: a tutorial that combines audio and visual that runs through your web browser. Check with Lee about browser compatability.

Syllabus for the Full Course

  1. Temperaments
  2. Hippocrates and the Homeopathy/Antipathy Debate
  3. Humors, Lifestyles and Wellness/ How to Use the Elements
  4. Vitality and Longevity
  5. The Body, Health and Disease in the Natal Chart
  6. The Spirit, Health and Disease in the Natal Chart
  7. The Houses and their Meanings & Uses. Parts of the Body
  8. Chronic Tendencies (Physical or Mental) and their Magnitude
  9. Crisis and the Development of Disease
  10. The Medical Master Piece.

Required Reading:

* denotes item supplied as part of course tuition.

* Blagrave, Joseph. 1671. Astrological Practice of Physick, Discovering the True Way to Cure all Kinds of Diseases and Infirmities which are Naturally incident to the Body of Man. Printed for Obad. Blagrave: London.

Culpeper, Nicholas. 1653. The English Physician. Known popularly as his herbal, any complete addition of this work is fine.

Culpeper, Nicholas. 1655. Astrological Judgment of Diseases from the Decumbiture of the Sick.

Jones, W.H.S., Translator. 1931, 1992. Hippocrates. Volume IV. Loeb Classical Library: Cambridge, MA.

Lehman, J. Lee. 1989. Essential Dignities. Schiffer Press: West Chester, PA.

Lehman, J. Lee. 1992. The Book of Rulerships. Schiffer Press: West Chester, PA.

Lehman, J. Lee. 1996. Classical Astrology for Modern Living. Schiffer Press: West Chester, PA.

Lilly, William. 1647. Christian Astrology. Reprinted in 1985 by Regulus: London.

Ptolemy, Claudius. 2nd Century A.D. Tetrabiblos. Translated by F. E. Robbins. Harvard University Press: Cambridge. 1971. The Ashmand or Hindsight translation is also acceptable.

* Ramesey, William. 1653. Astrologia Restaurata; or Astrology Restored: being an Introduction to the General and Chief part of the Language of the Stars. Printed for Robert White: London.

Saunders, Richard. 1677. The Astrological Judgment and Practice of Physick, deduced from the Position of the Heavens at the Decumbiture of the Sick Person, &c. Thomas Sawbridge: London.

Tobyn, Graeme. 1997. Culpeper's Medicine. Element: Shaftsbury, Rockport, and Queensland.

Recommended Reading:

Learning with Lee, cd's #12, 17, 18, 26 and 29. Check the Learning with Lee web page for additional resources.




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Classical Studies in Medical, 1/3 payment
($ 140.00)

CS 301: Classical Studies in Medical Astrology

This Course teaches how to develop a life strategy for wellness, as well as how to interpret the course of a disease once manifested, and what susceptibilities to discuss with the Native.

Classical Pre-Med Course
($ 130.00)

Classical Pre-Med Course

Lee has medical material in her horary, natal and electional courses that she assumes you know before you start the medical course, all packaged here. Four lessons.

The Martial Art of Horary Astrology
($ 28.95)
The Martial Art of Horary Astrology

A comprehensive introduction to classical Western horary technique.


Classical Astrology for Modern Living
Classical Astrology for Modern Living

Classical techniques that work as well in a modern context as in an ancient one.



The Book of Rulerships
The Book of Rulerships

The reference guide to who said what about what rules what.


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Legalese: Lee's courses are not substitutes for conventional university, college or vocational study, should you wish to acquire academic or legally-recognized credentials.



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