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Classical Studies in Mundane Astrology


Mundane Astrology has developed along exciting new lines since the advent of World War II. British astrologers were confronted with the difficulties imposed by the prediction of war between neighboring states, where many of the traditional mundane charts might not differ significantly. The innovations of the 1940's were further enhanced by the development of a true locational astrology, a feat too difficult to practice meaningfully until the advent of computer power. However, these developments occurred at a time in astrology in which prediction had not merely lost its edge, but was actively discouraged by many astrologers as being unethical.

Classical Astrology has returned the gloss to prediction. And so now it is time to re- examine the traditional mundane techniques in the light of new developments. This Course teaches the classical styles of mundane analysis, and then compares them with modern developments, allowing the student to work with both styles together in a meaningful fashion.

This Course assumes a basic knowledge of classical natal and interrogatory astrology, as taught in Introduction to Classical Astrology and Classical Studies in Horary.

Lee teaches primarily at Kepler College. In her private courses, she takes that experience in cutting edge on-line instruction technology and applies it to a less academic and more practical setting. Her take on adult education? Strictly business! She won't waste your time on exercises that don't teach you how to do the method she is presenting. And that is the purpose of a teacher, after all - not to impress you, not to overwhelm you - but to give you an introduction to the material in a way that you leave the course better educated - which means not only knowing more about the material, but being able to ask questions, and explore more on your own.

But the real value of this Course is not the lessons, but the opportunity to learn from your own examples. These become the subject for a mentoring environment where personal feedback accelerates your learning. This Course gives you the opportunity to work with Lee, not simply read Lee’s books and Course materials.

By the final session, the student should be able to make predictions of mundane developments. To pass the Course, the work submitted must demonstrate a consistently high quality. Lessons may be submitted in either English or French, and may be submitted by e-mail, snail mail, or fax.

Syllabus for the Full Course:

  1. Eclipses and Lunations in Mundane.
  2. The Great Conjunctions.
  3. The Founding Charts of Mundane Entities.
  4. Charts of Rulers vs. Charts of Countries.
  5. Locational Astrology.
  6. Wars, and other Human-caused Disasters.
  7. Natural Disasters.
  8. When to Predict: A Comparison of Methods.
  9. Where to Predict: A Comparison of Methods.
  10. The Master Piece. The Mundane Project.

Note: This course would be difficult to complete without astrological mapping software. The two primary packages available are Solar Maps, and WinStar.

Required Reading:

* These items are available through the Marion March Electronic Research Library at Kepler College.

Campion, Nicholas. 1995. The Book of World Horoscopes. Cinnabar Books: Bristol.

* Edlin, Richard. 1668. Oberservationes Astrologicae, or an Astrological Discourse of the Effects of a Notable Conjunction of Saturn and Mars. Billingsly & Blagrave: London.  

Lehman, J. Lee. 1992. The Book of Rulerships. Schiffer Press: Atglen, PA.

Lehman, J. Lee. 1996. Classical Astrology for Modern Living. Schiffer Press: Atglen, PA.

* Lilly, William. 1652. Annus Tenebrosis, or the Dark Year and An Easy and Familiar Method Whereby to Judge the Effects depending on Eclipses, Either of the Sun or Moon. Company of Stationers: London.

Ptolemy, Claudius. 2nd Century A.D. Tetrabiblos. Translated by F. E. Robbins. Harvard University Press: Cambridge. 1971. The Ashmand or Hindsight translation is also acceptable.

* Ramesey, William. 1653. Astrologia Restaurata; or Astrology Restored: Being an Introduction to the general and chief Part of the Language of the Stars.

Recommended Reading

Learning with Lee, cd's #20, 21, and 30. Check the Learning with Lee web page for additional resources.





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CS 202: Classical Mundane Astrology

The major classical Mundane techniques: major conjunctions, eclipses, lunations, and ingresses. We then integrate them into a modern synthesis which includes locational astrology and charts for mundane entities such as countries.  Uses material from Lee's new book on mundane, due out Spring 2011!


Classical Astrology for Modern Living
Classical Astrology for Modern Living

Classical techniques that work as well in a modern context as in an ancient one.



The Book of Rulerships
The Book of Rulerships

The reference guide to who said what about what rules what.



Legalese: Lee's courses are not substitutes for conventional university, college or vocational study, should you wish to acquire academic or legally-recognized credentials.



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